10 All time favorite free games for Android


The advent of Smartphones has revolutionized the Gaming world. The mobile gamer, with thousands of titles on Android market, compete against the PCs and Gaming consoles. The gaming titles range from casual games, racing games, strategy game to shooting games with cutting edge graphics.  Some of the older generation popular console games have found a new life on Android. Putting a list of best free android game is not an easy task.  Plenty of android games are available in the market, which you can enjoy at no cost and they are just fantastic.  For the Android users, some of the hottest games from the top developers are available in the Android market as a free download, while our fellow users of other platforms and iOS has to pay for them.

Here is a list of 10 All-time favorite free games for Android.

1. Temple Run


Download Temple Run for free

Temple Run is the most thrilling, fun and addicting game that all Android users should download and install. The game’s addictiveness can be measured with one billion download since its release.  In this game, you have to run quickly to get away for the evil spirits, and gain the greatest possible number of points.  The concept of the game is very simple and it can be tricky at times.  With a little practice, and few tips you can meet and even beat your friend’s high scores.

  • Download the game from your App store or Google Play and install on your device.
  • Launch the game and tap Play button.  The goal in the Temple Run is to get away with the priceless idol.  You have to save yourself from the chasing “Evil Demon Monkeys”.
  • Undergo a short tutorial the game offers.  Swipe your finger in a quick and light motion in the direction you wish to go.
  • Swiping the finger upward gives a jump and sliding finger down gives a slide under trees, rope and fire.
  • Tilt the device left or right to move the runner.
  • Collect as many coins as you can.
  • Acquire store credits, purchase power-ups and complete objectives.

2. Angry Birds



Download Angry Birds for free

Angry Bird is one of the popular free game on the Android platform.  The survival birds are in danger as the evil pigs have stolen their eggs and you have to stop this slaughter.  You have to destroy the pig’s defense and help the birds using the unique powers of each bird.  To solve each and every level, you need logic, skill ad also force. It is a simple game, but mastering it takes practice and time.

  • Download the free version of the game from the Google Play store.
  • The goal in each level is to get rid of the pigs.  You will need to use the angry birds to get rid of both pigs and obstacles.
  • Pull the slingshot aim at the right spot where the pigs are and lift your finger off when you are ready.
  • Repeat the process until all the pigs are gone and you have used all of your birds.
  • Observe the entire level, use different strategies and use the right kind of bird to eliminate the enemy.

3. Fruit Ninja


Download Fruit Ninja Free

Fruit Ninja is one of the most popular and addictive casual game on the Android platform.  In this game, you must make use of your finger to slice the fruits that flies across the screen.  Three action-packed game-play modes are available for playing: classic, simple and Addictive game-play.  This is a fun-filled game for all ages.

  • Download and Install the free version available on the Google Play Store.
  • Make use of your fingers in a swift action to slice the fruits.
  • Try not to slice the fruit individually.  When you slice a combo, you get extra points.
  • If you slice enough combos in a row, then you get more Blitzes and more points.
  • Work out to get bonuses.

4. Crime City (Action RPG)


Download Crime City for free

This is an action filled RPG game, where you have to kill all your enemies to rise in the ranks of mafia, build your criminal empire and take over the entire city.  Buy the properties, earn respects and have fun with this social game.  You can become the toughest mafia boss in the Crime City.  This is an excellent action filled free game on Android and best in its class.

  • Your goal from the start is to build your income.
  • The game revolves around mathematical equations and knowing what equations help you will help you succeed.
  • Fight smart.

5.  Candy Crush Saga



Download Candy Crush Saga for free

This is an amazing puzzle game, the same class as Bejeweled, but has unique characteristics that is made with social brushstrokes.  You have to move through different scenarios, and you will have to form colour matching between the goodies for this.  There are over 400 levels of increasing difficulty in this game.

  • Candy crush seems easy and corny until you reach level 30.  After this game gets hard and fast.
  • The goal of the game is to match three or more of the same type candy together and clear them.

6. Top Sniper Shooting



Download Top Sniper Shooting for free

A top sniper can fight all alone with a whole army! This game brings you the opportunity to become the best sniper shooter.  You have to shoot all terrorists, who come in front of your and you have to kill your opponents before they defeat you.

  • Adjust the sensitivity.  Start with a fairly low sensitivity and increase slowly.
  • Be ready always and point your weapon to the enemy and aim.
  • Stay focused and determined.

 7. SpeedMoto


Download SpeedMoto for free

SpeedMoto is a bike racing game, where you have to control your motorcycle using the fingertip and collect the gold coins in the street.  The game graphics is excellent and controls are dangerously addictive.

  •  Just swap your phone to control the direction of your bike.
  • Tap on the screen to accelerate the moto
  • You can ride the motorcycle in outskirts. Snow Mountains, bridge and forest.

8. UNO™ & Friendsunnamed[3]

This is a great card game to play online via Wifi or 3G connection with

millions of players worldwide or connecting through Google+ or Facebook

to play with your family and friends.

Download UNO™ & Friends for free





9. Dead Trigger 2


Download Dead Trigger 2 for free

This is a first person shooter game where you will have to fight and survive against a zombie apocalypse.  The game has new virtual control system that is well suited for the players accustomed to the traditional game-pad or touch screen of video consoles.  The game can be played around the world with other players to survive the zombie attacks.

10. Plants vs. Zombies



Download Plants vs Zombies for free

This is a tower defense game, and you need to use your head and build up an unbreakable defenses and destroy the threats that attack in waves.  This is not the usual tower defense game you have been playing.  In this game, backyard is your tower, the enemies are undead and weapons are the plants that shoot seeds, explode all around and also serve as a barrier.

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