Jhadu scores over broom – AAP sweeps Delhi polls

Jhadu scores over broom - AAP sweeps Delhi polls

AAP sweeps Delhi polls

AAP sweeps Delhi polls beyond expectation of all political analysts with their very own psephologist-turned-politician Yogendra Jadav failing to predict such an overwhelming outcome.

As the BJP swallowed swathe after swathe of regions the mystique surrounding PM and Shah grew bigger and bigger to the extent that it appeared that there is no state or no election that BJP could win. Prime Minister Narendra Modi took his broom to the Valmiki Colony on October 2 to launch the NDA government’s flagship Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, symbolically kicking off his party’s campaign to get 25 per cent of the total Dalit votes in the capital. It was a trick to curb the trend of the Jhadu resurrection in the capital who are vocal against the BJP’s pride to sweep the elections across the country. It was beyond the imagination of the BJP juggernaut that AAP has been doing the homework since they left the government after 49 days stay in power. The results indicate that their communication with the masses in the capital was not closed.

BJP has committed errors such as delaying the Delhi elections, trying to saffronise the whole community and last but not the least sharpening the attack on the north-east people. One of the BJP’s wings – VHP – very recently unleashed attacks on churches which had made the Christian community averse to BJP.

The induction of iron lady Kiran Bedi into the BJP fold made the battle tougher as the BJP leadership in Delhi was not ready to accept her as the Chief Ministerial candidate for Delhi. Even in a major embarrassment to BJP, its campaign committee members, Narendra Tandon, resigned from the party a week before the poll. In his resignation letter, Tandon cited BJP’s chief ministerial candidate Kiran Bedi’s ‘dictatorial’ attitude as the reason behind his decision although after meeting BJP chief Amit Shah, he withdrew his resignation. But the fissure remained in the party ranka which seems to have reflected in the vote bank.

Kejriwal, the pygmy politician who faced a level of ridicule in the social media has managed to do what hoary Congress think-tank could not do. Kejriwal made slow but steady inroads into the BJP’s den ignoring the rift in their own party when Shazia Illmi and Binny left the AAP on the ground of anarchism in the party. Kejriwals’s master stroke was the rejection of the Bukhari’s support saying he wants to keep off the communal politics. Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid stoked a major controversy by appealing to Muslims to vote for AAP. If Kejriwal would have obliged his appeal the BJP could try to gain mileage from the speech. Kejriwal very cleverly refused to play the politics of communalism.

Kejriwal knew that he had made a mistake in 2013 when he stomped out of power after a mere 49 days in office, perhaps, similarly he knew that he also made a mistake in 2014 when he tried to spread his wings before knowing to fly.

Finally, the Congress Party is the biggest loser in the one-sided verdict to ever come out in India since 1952 as they are unable to open score. Pity for a party of over hundred years old !


Once aspiring writer, revisiting old passions after finally reaching the right side of sixty! A firm believer in Marxism and an atheist by choice!

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