Angry Manchester United fans file petition to sack Moyes

Angry fan get stopped by steward!

Angry fan get stopped by steward!

After Manchester United’s yet another humiliating defeat at the hands of their ‘noisy neighbors’, the fans have made a petition to remove manager David Moyes from his position.

#MoyesOut has been trending in twitter since yesterday’s defeat, and this time the fierce displeasure of the fans seem to have gathered mass support. A twitter handler by the name @MoyesOutASAP has pledged to undertake a campaign to ensure Moyes gets fired by the club and a new manager is appointed at the earliest.

The group of fans have filed a 1,768 word long petition clearly underlining Moyes’ failings ever since he took charge of the club and have urged fellow fans to help contribute the club some amount for the appointment of a new manager at the start of next season.

The petition ends with this letter.

Angry fans want #MoyesOut

Angry fans want #MoyesOut

The stewards at Old Trafford had to ensure that the ‘Special One’ banner, which hangs from the Stretford End, is not brought down by angry fans after yet another lacklustre morbid display by the reigning champions. One fan, who had made his way towards the dugout and hurled abuses towards Moyes, had to be escorted out from the ground.

Manchester United boss David Moyes has taken the blame for the club’s dismal showing and accepted that the club are in a position which is far worse off than what he had hoped for.

Moyes said: “I thought it would be a tough year for us, no doubt about that, but I hoped we would be much more competitive and closer to the top of the league than we are at the present time.

“Everyone knows this is going to be a job which is going to take a little bit of time to get the way we would like it but that is the job and I recognise that.”It is under way in its own way. You don’t just suddenly change things around.”

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