Apple’s iWatch roundup: specs, price, release date and rumors

Apple's iWatch

Apple’s iWatch

The concept of Apple’s iWatch has sent the rumour mill into overdrive after Apple trademarked its “iWatch” name across the world. Apple CEO Tim Cook is confident that his company would enter “exciting new product categories”: this year.  iWatch will be unveiled in the fiscal third-quarter. The company has approximately hired 100 people – designers, health, fashion and engineering experts to work on the most talked product. Now it’s believed that the iWatch team has reached almost 200 people.

The wearable tech market is exploding now. Companies like LG, Samsung, Pebble, Wellograph, Sony, ZTE have released wearable smart devices. Consumer Electronic Show in January, 2014 was ruled by the wearable devices. Apple’s rival Google has announced a ‘preview SDK’ for its Android wearable recently. The big question is: Is it already too late for apple? Now if Apple decides to launch its iWatch, it will definitely way behind its rivals, time wise. Apple has to make its iWatch with exceptional never-before-seen technology, capable of blowing its competitors out of the technology race. The rumors suggest that, that’s what the company intends to do. The iWatch is expected to have wireless charging capabilities and the most latest curved technology for its display. The iWatch is expected to change the tracking of mobile health and fitness forever.

iWatch release date:

Rumors suggest that Apple’s iWatch could arrive in the latter half of 2014. Some analysts are predicting that Apple will lunch two sizes of iWatch, probably in the third quarter of the year, means around August to October. This is going to be Apple’s most important product of the year, carrying more weight than iPhone 6. Japanese newspaper Nikkei cites a anonymous source, which claims Apple is planning the iWatch release in the month of October. The device is expected to run on iOS 8. Apple is said to busy finalising the iWatch specs, and is expected to have a OLED curved screen as well as biometric sensors. Economic Daily News, an Chinese newspaper also claims that, Apple’s iWatch is expected in the third quarter of the year. It also claims that Apple will outsource the production to Samsung, although Apple will design the iWatch and production is expected to start in August.

iWatch price:

Ming-Chi Kuo, an KGI analyst thinks that iWatch could cost more than thousand dollars at the high end. It is presumed that multiple versions of the device will be available. Kuo has a good track record with the Apple predictions. According to analyst Katy Huberty of Morgan Stanley, the iWatch could generate $17.5 billion in its first year sale.

It is unlikely that Apple will price its iWatch higher than its iPhone which starts at £549($649). However, apple launching a product into the watch market is sure to shake things significantly and the shape of the watch industry is expected to change drastically.

Apple is expected to hit shipment of around 5.5 million units in 2014 and in 2015 from 30-50 million units.  Apple has recently grabbed the rights to iWatch name in several countries except UK ands US.  Because, in these countries iWatch trademark name has already taken by somebody. Apple has to face a tricky choice: to fight for the iWatch trademark here or changing the name to something else like iBand.

iWatch specs:

There is a prediction that iWatch will come in two sizes, one larger for men and a smaller one for women. The scree size may be 1.3in and 1.5in with flexible AMOLED display. Sapphire crystal glass is also expected for scratch resistance and durability.

Unnamed sources claims that iWatch will measure 2.5in diagonally. The touchscreen display will protrude from the device and the device will charge wirelessly. It is believed that Siri will be a key feature of the iWatch.  The New York Times has suggested that operation of iWatch would be on Apple’s iOS platform.



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