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The most dreaded season of all is here. Yes my friends, summer is here. No matter how much you try to cope with, the heat is unbearable and it is burning outside as well as within. Air-conditioner’s, air coolers, cold bath, nothing seems to work. The only way to beat the heat is to keep yourself hydrated. Obviously water is one way, but cooling off with home made summer coolers is most refreshing.

Let us take a look into some of the deliciously refreshing drinks which can be made very easily at home. The most widely drunk and enjoyed drink is Lassi. Made with curd, crushed ice, sugar and a pinch of salt blended together, this thick and creamy drink chills you down to your stomach and is quite filling as well. To make variations, you can mix some rose water or mango flavoring but I personally favor the normal unadulterated one.

chilled fresh watermelon juice

Watermelon Juice

Watermelons are available in abundance and a glass full of watermelon juice is just what is needed after a hard day’s work to cool you off. To bring in some variations toss in some crushed mint leaves. Blending in some rose syrup also gives it a nice twist. One of the good things about summer is a lot of fruits are available. Not only they are tasty but high on vitamins, sucrose and fiber. If you manage to make drinks out of them, there is nothing better than that. Mango being one of the prime fruit of summer, it can be used to make awesome shakes and pulpy juices. Mix whole milk, diced mangoes, sugar syrup and crushed ice in a mixer. Pour into glass and top it off with sliced mango or a scoop of ice cream and enjoy it.

chilled coconut water sherbet

coconut sherbet

You will be amazed at how easily you can turn the quintessential coconut water into an amazing summer drink. It goes like this, mix the coconut water with a syrup made of sugar candy. Pour a few drops of rose water and mix well. Now serve it with ice cubes and garnish it with the soft coconut flesh. This drink really cools you down from inside and you will feel it while it travels down your throat. ‘Aam panna’ is a famous Indian household drink. Absolutely perfect for the summer as it keeps away the heat and prevents from getting a heat stroke. Roast a raw mango with its skin on, skin it and squeeze out the pulp. Blend it with water, sugar, rock salt and roasted cumin. Refrigerate and serve.

Well, now you have a couple of refreshing summer drinks to beat the heat! You can try your own innovations as well with different fruits and twisty combinations.


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