Howto: Backup Android Phone Data using Apps to PC or Cloud

Android_Backup_Apps_TeaserMobile Phones were the basic devices few years ago,which were only used for sending and receiving voice calls. Now smartphones dominate the mobile market and they are as significant as a full-fledged laptop or a desktop PC. All your valuable data like contacts, photos, videos and important email messages will be stored on your Smartphone. We depend on Smartphone every day and losing those valuable data can be as disastrous as hard-drive crash of your computer. It is very much important to backup your phone as regularly as you do to your other devices to prevent that disastrous scenario. Redundancy is the key to backing up data. You should always have more than one copy of your data.

Most of the Smartphones available in the market today can back up their data to the internet or to a computer. In case of crashing of the phone or shattering, the data can be restored back easily after the device gets repaired.  With these couple of resources explained below, you can back up all your android data properly.

Make your first backup on your computer

The first backup of your Android data should be a copy of your phone’s SD card you keep on your computer. There may be slight variations in the exact steps or wordings for different devices.

  1. Using a USB cable connect your Android device to the computer ( Mac or Windows should work)
  2. Pull down the main menu, swiping down from the top of the screen and select “USB Connection.”
  3. Go to next page and choose USB Mass Storage and hit OK.
  4. On your computer you will see a new drive or a “Removable Disk” appear, open it up and copy all the files to a new location on your computer. Name the folder according to your preference to identify it easily.

This first copy comes handy if something goes wrong with your Android, but it’s not likely to be updated too often. So choose your second backup method to ensure that you update more frequently all your important photos, settings, texts, and everything else stored on your Android.

Enable Google Back upsync-contacts-screenshot2

Google’s Android offers saving of certain settings like wireless network preferences, custom dictionary  and bookmarks in their servers using Google Account of yours. Follow the steps explained below to enable this service.

  1. Go to Settings–> Privacy select both the options Automatic restore and Backup my data.
  2. Go to Settings –> Accounts & Sync, Select your Google account.
  3. Ensure all the available data is synchronized by selecting all the option boxes Sync contacts, Sync Gmail and Sync Calendar.

With these settings, all your system settings, your contacts, calendar, apps and e-mail will be restored to the new Android phone when you set it up with the same Gmail account. The process is generally same for all the Android devices with slight variations.

Back up Photos using Google + Instant Upload for Android.

  1. Install Google + app from  Google Play Store on your Android phone.
  2. Log in to your Android Google account, Enable Instant upload. If you already have Google + app installed, enable Instant Upload through the Settings menu.
  3. Go back to Android’s home screen. Go to settings–> Accounts & sync. Select the account you want and check on the box for Sync Instant Upload. Now all the photos you click will be instantly uploaded automatically to the Google + account.

Backup photos manually to your computer

  1. With the help of USB cord, plug-in your Android device into your computer.
  2. Enable USB debugging mode on your device and open the drive on your computer.
  3. Look for the folder called DCIM. Look for all your photos and videos.
  4. Select the files you want to back up, copy them to your computer.

Back up your additional settings

Google does not directly back up certain settings like SMS/MMS messages, alarms, and music playlists. You can use third-party software to back up such data. You can download the free version app or paid version app from the Google Play store, install on your phone and launch it to back up all your important data. Certain features are not available on the free version. It is advised to download the paid version to enjoy hassle-free back up.


G Cloud Backup

g-cloud-backup G Cloud app available on Google Play, lets you backup all your call logs, contacts, video, messages, family photos, documents, music, settings and browser data to cloud-based servers. You can easily restore all your data if you drop or break your Android phone accidentally.

G Cloud Backup app offers 1GB free space for storing. This is a good choice for cloud backup as you can earn up to 8 GB storing space by sharing on your Facebook, Twitter and inviting friends.

Backup to SD Card using Applications:

Generally people keep updating their phones more frequently.  Buying a phone is an easy task, but transferring the valuable data from the old phone to new phone is not an easy task.  Using applications to backup the Android data is more efficient way of data backup.  The important features of using applications to backup your data on the SD card are listed below:

  • Hassle free transfer of photos, videos, contacts, videos, SMS, apps etc. to your computer.
  • You can restore the backup files to new phone or your old formatted phone in one click.
  • Add new contacts, delete the old contacts and edit the existing ones via the program.
  • Even copy the backups to a PC, Mac or Cloud Storage like Dropbox, Drive etc.

Go Backup & Restore Pro

Go Backup & Restore Pro


  • Batch backup and restore of your applications including data.
  • Batch backup and restore of phone data (contacts, logs, calendar etc).
  • Runs on unrooted devices too.
  • Cloud backup service through Dropbox and Google Drive (Pro only).
  • Can take backups of system applications (may require root access).


  • Can not change backup path.
  • In some devices it fails to take a backup properly (although it is likely to be fixed in future updates).

Titanium Backup -ROOT:

Titanium Backup Root


  • Batch backup and restore of your applications including data.
  • Batch backup and restore of phone data (contacts, logs, calendar etc).
  • Scheduled automated backups on free version.
  • Backups can operate without closing any apps (pro only).
  • Cloud backup to/from Dropbox, Box and Google Drive (pro only).
  • Gives more advanced control to experienced and tech savvy users.


  • The user interface is a bit old fashioned.
  • Can run on rooted devices only.

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