‘Badlapur’ – Dint Miss the Beginning After all!

Nawazuddin in Badlapur

Nawazuddin in Badlapur

We have essentially reached the end of the week and an ideal time to finally reveal our take on the movie in focus. Badlapur – Don’t miss the beginning, is “almost an exceptionally filmed and delivered movie”. Bollywood hasn’t been quite successful in triggering audience’s happy cells since its last couple of releases. However, the industry always manages to pocket a whopping return on investment, all thanks to the extravagant budget allotted for promotion. How I wish if sense would dawn on the industry, and filmmakers would start concentrating more on film-making instead of splurging on promotional gimmicks.  Nevertheless, all thanks to Sriram Raghavan, audiences finally have something interesting to watch on big screen and pay happily for. After a gap of nerve-wrenchingly disastrous attempts such as Agent Vinod, the director finally returned with a script to treat audiences with a delightful break from mundane comedies and distastefully twisted Tamil remakes. The director should be applauded for considering Varun Dhawan(hailing from unfathomably romantic movie club) to portray the protagonist. Varun’s implausible avatar for the movie won half the battle of spurring buzz about the movie.

No prize for guessing, the film is based on the premise of vengeance, but the movie in no way is even a close rehash of the last year’s melodramatic Ek Villain. Unlike Mohit Suri’s Ek Villain, Sriram Raghavan had to work on a super tight budget (the alienated and down-trodden trend contradicting the popular Bollywood culture). Much like a majority of revenge dramas, Badlapur delivers a generous dollop of sumptuous thrill and a titillating revenge saga. All in all, one has to accept that Badlapur by far is the most impressive release of the year. It is a good news that the film has managed to pocket  remarkable returns as another week comes to an end.

Dhawan worked really hard to pull off the role of grief and revenge stricken Raghu. Once a successful ad agency guy whose life descends into the pit of tragedy when his wife (Yami Gautam) and child is killed in an unfortunate event. One of the culprits, Liak (Nawaz) is arrested and is put behind the bars but he denies to divulge the identity of his partner in crime. Raghu, who is terribly shattered by the unfortunate event, cannot accept Liak’s tricks, his mind fractures and what follows next is a mind boggling revenge drama, set in the backdrop of the town, aptly called Badlapur.

Fortunately, with Badlapur, Raghavan revived his streaks of Ek Hasina Thi. For those who are yet to watch the movie, get ready to be surprised. Badlapur isn’t a bloody revenge drama as suggested by the trailers of the movie, it is rather a dark comedy with substantial doses of humor and a few moments of grey reverberating violence. The film narrates the tale of Raghu’s unlikely path of salvation.

Badlapur is speckled with many high points that will trigger your funny bones. Whether it is Koko (Radhika Apte) a hapless wife of millionaire, willing to offer sex without a moment of consideration or Liak’s repeated failed attempts to escape jail, Raghavan successfully churns humor from the unlikeliest moments without disturbing the course of narration but seamlessly weaving dark humor to the script. Not to forget Huma Qureshi’s plight, who dedicatedly essayed the character of a prostitute, and Liak’s love interest in the film. Her character had to endure rather bizarre encounters with Raghu. As the events unfold, leading from one incident to another, the viewers feel like Raghu is set out to avenge his wife and son’s death. The director must be praised to present such an offbeat script nuanced as a commercial offering.

Apart from visual resplendence, what works best for Badlapur is that the film stripped down the conservative paradigm of crystalline film-making. I would easily give a 3.5 out of 5 to the movie and suggest every one to watch it.

PS: Varun Dhawan although has still a little distance to cover before he could effortlessly pull off such a challenging character, instead of criticizing his minor flaws (his very cute voice for instance, which was unfit to emote the grief of a 40 year old) lets accolade his efforts. The guy did a nice job.However, the film belongs to Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Yet another incredible performance from the actor par-excellence.

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