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Android Educational apps are the most popular tools in education field as they are easily accessible on the mobile phones. These apps can provide targeted quick help in student’s learning and can boost their productivity and achievement. A good understanding of why and when to use an educational app gives the students and teachers a relatively deeper understanding in day-to-day management of the academics.

The educational apps are fun and interactive to use and it focuses on developing the skills of the individual and improves the ability of the user to think, connect and use the information.

The Following are some of the best educational apps for your Android phone. Most of them are the free versions although some may require in-app purchases.


grap_calci    Graphing Calculator

       Description: This is a flexible and powerful graphing calculator offering more than most of the paid calculators. A good

replacement for expensive and bulky handheld graphing calculator. Internet connection is required for the

free version. In-app up gradation to PRO is $5.99




  • Scientific Calculator: The available functions are arithmetic expressions,Graphing calculator
    square root, cube and higher roots,
  • logarithms, exponent, inverse functions, hyperbolic functions, complex numbers, derivatives,percent mode, scientific notation, save/load history.
  • Graphing calculator: Full screen graphs in the landscape orientation; scrollable and resizable graph;pinch to zoom; multiple functions graphing; implicit functions up to 2nd degree.
  • Matrix calculator: Vector and Matrix operations; determinants, transpose, inverse, norm, trace.
  • Library: user defined functions and constants.
  • Much more.





           star chart app   Star Chart

Description: This app makes use of GPS technology, an accurate 3D universe and latest high-tech functionalities

to calculate in real time- the current location of stars and planets visible from the earth and shows precisely

their positions. All you have to do is point your device at the sky and sky chart will tell you what are you looking at,

even in the daylight.



star chart pic


  • It is a virtual planetarium in your pocket. Point your Android at the sky and you can know
    where your star sign is in the sky.
  • Just point the device down if you want to know how the night sky looks like to the people
    on the other side of the earth.
  • The app can accurately depict all the visible stars over 120,000 of the southern and
    northern hemispheres.
  • Voice control helps exploring the solar system with commands like “Go to Saturn”,
    “Fly me to moon”, “Look at the Andromeda” etc.
  • The app can display all the 88 constellations.
  • Powerful zoom functions lets you view the sky in detail.
  • Manually set to your location to find out how the sky looks like in your place.



Description: This is an easy to use Math solver. Enter your expression or an equation and get full step-by-step solution, just the

                               same way teacher would write on the board. Students can use this app to review the equation steps and compare with

                               their  work.  This is a Free version.





  • The app currently covers algebra-1 contents like simplification, single unknown equation, 2 equation sets and quadratic equations
  • Full step-by-step solution will be provided by the app, including explanations and final solutions and all alternative methods of solving.




Description: This is a new hi-tech language learning app – you can learn five languages English, French,

German, Spanish and Italian with just one app. The use of application needs internet.





  • The app gives a perfect foreign language learning opportunity. The app is equipped with modern technologies.
  • It is easy to learn words effectively and practice it with their pronunciation.
  • For those who like to learn while commuting, mobile language course offers a solution.
  • The study is made fun with the use of photo lessons, flash cards, films, dialogues quizzes and vocabulary revisions.


High School Physics

free physics

Description: Mathematics is the language of physics. This useful app helps students to concentrate on the

Physics without worrying much about the Mathematical equations. The application is free and it

offers in-app purchases.

Link :

physics - 2physics - 1


  • All the topics are covered with 160+ applications.
  • Equation calculator
  • Units and Lessons are described.
  • Inside the app you can find Wiki pages for all the lessons and apps.
  • Clipboard support for all the equations and results.


Chemical suite

chemistry app

Description: This is an educational suite relate to the chemistry. The app can give details of elements,

more than 30 physical and general properties of each elements, history and more. This is a free version.


Link :

chemicla suite_2          chemical suite

Features :

  • Periodic table with visualization settings.
  • Unit converter tools.
  • Atomic weight calculator
  • Gas laws utilities
  • Natural and radioactive isotopes.
  • Much more

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