Bewakoofiyan: A Bewakoofi, indeed!

The lead pair of Bewakoofiyan!

The lead pair of Bewakoofiyan!

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say Ayushmann Khurrana? Let me take a wild guess: A straight up Delhite who loves his butter chicken and Patiala pegs? What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say Sonam Kapoor? Ok, Let me guess this time too: A straight up fashionista who when asked about Mango, probably thinks about the fashion brand first, before the much celebrated fruit? So, what is new about Bewakoofiyan? Yes, this time, you guessed it right! Nothing, at all!

Director Nupur Ashtana’s debut film is a bright, scrambled world of wealth, luxury and and the young generation’s insatiable desire to move up the corporate ladder! Mohit and Myra, the two protagonists, are helplessly in love with each other. They are literally inseparable. Mohit is a typical Dehite, living life in the big city and loving it and Myra swears by her Zara and Jimmy Choos. Whenever Myra would ask Mohit about her looks, he would reply “Hot lagti hain bahut! Kha jaoon?” It was probably cute the first time, not so much after the sixth! They represent the young and soaring India, all ambitious and successful!

Rishi Kapoor plays the role of Myra’s father. An honest IAS officer, who couldn’t give her daughter all the happiness which money could buy. So ,now, he is adamant on marrying off her daughter with  a ridiculously rich guy. He is not at all pleased with her daughter’s choice and launches an elaborate enquiry commission against him.

Whilst all this is happening, the recession has kicked in and the aviation industry is the first to be hit. Mohit, who is a Senior Marketing Executive in a leading aviation MNC loses his job. Interestingly though, even after this he goes on a luxurious Weekend trip to Rajasthan, where he is flashing his credit card, as though, he was just fresh from a promotion. A little hard to comprehend, that! Anyway, so Mohit’s male ego gets the better of his love eventually and he has a break up.

Rishi Kapoor, who couldn’t tolerate Mohit when he was being paid quite a handsome salary, suddenly can see no fault in him, all because Mohit helped him learn the computer and how to shoot mails and apply for jobs! He then takes it upon himself to be the mediator between Mohit and Myra.

There you go: That is the pretty much the storyline of Bewakoofiyan! Now tell me, if you agree with my choice for the title, or not?

The music is not so bad, especially the title track, sung and composed by Raghu Dixit, is quite catchy and fresh with a great riff!

However, all in all, the movie thoroughly disappoints and the only reason you would probably want to catch it, is if you have no special plans this Holi and your girlfriend has been nagging you to take her out for a movie for eternity! Even still, I would strongly suggest not to!

Rating: 2/5



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