Boost your Android phone’s battery with simple tips

android battery

android battery

The biggest problem in the Android world is the poor performance of the battery. The top-notch Android smartphones are powerful, but unfortunately, their battery life is too short. The Android phone users would be happy to use their phone through a single day, thinking that a nightly recharge is enough. Sadly, sometimes it isn’t so. Thinner designs of the smartphones with less room for the battery, bright and large screen with a faster quad-core processor, power-hungry GPS, and the applications that run in the background share the responsibility of reduced battery efficiency. The 3G and 4G network has also taken its toll.

As the Capability and power behind our devices has increased, this has added a strain on the batteries involved. Our old phones could easily go 2-3 days on a full charge, but social media calendaring, synced documents, multitasking shuffle of the web and driving directions what we use now on our Smartphone, runs out the battery’s juice.

In fact, most of the Android phone’s battery is replaceable if you carry a spare battery with you. There are battery-powered chargers and solar chargers available if you are away from electricity. There are also other realistic things you can do with your device to boost your phone’s battery life. It is practically not possible to double your Android phone’s up time with magical tweaking of few settings, but you can definitely squeeze out few more extra hours of life without compromising too much on the performance.

Try these easy and non-compromising methods to boost your Android phone’s battery performance.

1.Check what’s sucking more power

Navigate to Settings > Battery

See what is consuming your phone’s battery by looking at the organized breakdown  list of battery hogs by your applications and features. If you see any   application that you barely use, then uninstall or turn off the feature.

Click on the app you don’t want to run and you can “Force stop” them. It’s not enough to stop the apps. You also need to go through the “Application Manager” and remove the apps that you don’t need to use. Just click on the app you want to remove and choose “uninstall” or “Force Stop”.


android battery

android battery

Android Application Manager

Android Application Manager

















2. Make your phone less chatty

Android Phone Control Panel

Android Phone control panel

The Android phone has lots of functions which are communicative

and should be turned off when it is not used. These include the major

culprit GPS and other functions like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC.

You can turn these OFF/ON by swiping down from the top of your main

screen and then tapping on the right icon. Wi-Fi comes handy only when

you are at home or at a decent hassle-free location. Apart from turning off

all these communicative apps, it’s also worth considering airplane mode to

save the battery. If you know you don’t need your Android for at least an hour,

switch over to airplane mode and save your battery.


 3.Turn on power saving mode

 Power saving mode is a feature in Samsung which controls the screen power, as well as the CPU. You can turn on this feature, by swiping down the home screen and the selecting the “Settings” icon. Scroll down the list and set the “Power saving mode” to ON.

It is recommended to check all the three options and get most out of your power saving mode. The options may differ in different models of phone.

Android Phone Settings

Android Phone Settings

Android Phone Settings

Android Phone Settings
















4.Check your mail accounts                                  

Android Phone Email Settings

Android Phone Email Settings


Access your email and other accounts less frequently for extended

battery life. All your accounts will appear under the section “Accounts”

in settings. “Email” will allow you to access all your email accounts that

are set up on your device. Access that function and then choose “Settings”

and specify the frequency intervals.

If you’re a social networking junkie, and love to see the latest updates from Facebook, Mail and Twitter, then adjust your refresh rate to something economical. The best and most economical way to increase your battery would be just to update Facebook/Twitter when you use it.


5.Dump live wallpaper and home screen  widgets

The unnecessary widgets sits on the home screen, seeming inactive and suck your battery. Even though they look pretty and animated on the home screen, just remove the ones you don’t use and extend your battery life. Live wall papers looks absolutely stunning, but it uses your phone’s CPU and GPU to render itself. So naturally, it will decrease your battery life. Check how much battery your live wall paper is using by going to

settings>About>Battery>Battery use.

If you find that it is taking less than 5%, then it’s absolutely fine.

Android keeps getting efficient at task management and multitasking. Still the battery life of Android phone never seems to live up to our expectations. Use these simple tips and boost up your battery.


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