Breaking Bad : 5 Alternative Spin-offs like Better Call Saul

A year since ‘Felina’ and the quest for more Breaking Bad has yet to reach a standstill for fans across the globe. But thankfully, AMC has decided to produce a show on Saul Goodman and just two months from now in February, we’ll have more of Breaking Bad. While going for a spin-off, there were various options for Vince Gilligan but ‘Better Call Saul’ seemed the ideal one due to the fact that his character that is volatile and easy to build upon.

Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul

AMC has done a good job of keeping the viewers in the dark except for a couple of trailers that sparsely give an idea about the show. While it may turn out to be a rather ill-informed idea, from what we have seen so far, it is going to be a great hit. However, the company could have done such an offshoot with many other characters whose history was hardly explained in the show. Let’s take a look at 5 such alternatives to ‘Better Call Saul’ that AMC might just produce in the near future:

Los Pollos Hermanos

What do we know of Gustavo Fring beyond the attire of a restaurateur and a dead-eyed glare? The heart of a cold-blooded murderer is what’s present inside yet the portrayal of a warm and receiving businessman keeps us guessing as to what his true intentions might be. One of the most defining characters in the show, Esposito’s portrayal of Fring was near perfect. And perhaps it did keep up to what it was meant to be; a silent but unassuming criminal with dangerous roots.

Beyond a small clip showing his friend’s death and troubles with the Cartel in his younger days, not much of Gustavo Fring’s past is known. There are mentions of his early days in Chile while nothing is known about his family except for a mention to Walter once. Coupled with that is his reticent rise in the criminal world and becoming an important part of the Cartel despite their heinous murder of his close friend. All this perfectly sets up a situation to track the life of Gustavo Fring and what his ultimate aim is. We know nothing about why he does this work and what works up the mysterious man behind those glass-rimmed spectacles. A show to track his rise in the criminal world and showcase his ultimate intentions would definitely be a big success.

Hank Schrader before Heisenberg

Everything that Walt embodies in the series, Hank turns out to be just the opposite. The amount of deceit Walt displays, Hank grows into one of the most straightforward characters in the show. His comic and complacent nature initially turns out into a hero by an urge to do the right thing. We have seen the growth of Schrader as a familial character and in his profession as he went step by step up to conquering the Great Heisenberg.

But all of this surely has humble roots that would be worthy of unveiling. The rise of Hank Schrader in the DEA would definitely be a result of his hard work and success in various other cases. In his past, we would also have the intervention of ‘Krazy-8’ whom Hank mentions as one of the major targets of the DEA back then. Also, we’d be able to get a look at the drug scene in Albuquerque in the earlier days without Walt. This show would open up more details on Walt’s family details and his life before becoming ‘Heisengberg’. Not to mention, the Hank’s humorous nature along with Marie’s unusual habits would keep the show lively.

Grey Matter Technologies – Walt’s transformation into a Chemistry Teacher

The overqualified Chemistry teacher has become one of the greatest characters in Television history but then, where did it all really start? Walt describes himself as a man that could have gone on to make millions of dollars without the involvement of Crystal Meth had he stayed back with Gretchen and Elliot in their brilliant start up. Walt’s pre-eminence in Chemistry is well documented but what problems crept up to destroy his partnership with the Schwartzs?

There have been instances where there seems to be a healthy contact between Grethchen and Walt, perhaps even a relationship. But for some reason, this part of the story was never much played out and remains a mystery to this day. Grethchen and Walt have had some problems in their young life from what we can understand but does that warrant Walt losing out on a billion-dollar set up? We’ll never know unless Vince Gilligan decides to make a prequel and bring out the hard truths that made Walt a Chemistry teacher. It would provide closure for the fans who have been tracking Walt’s life so much but are yet to find this part.

The Life of Mike Ehrmantraut

The unique and undetectable Gustavo Fring’s much trusted confidante is perhaps the most rigid character on the face of it. He does all the dirty work for Fring as well as Saul (for sometime) and spends the rest of his time with his granddaughter. Yet as we progress, we do get to see a back-story to Mike. The thing mentioned about him being a cop just leaves a trace of bringing out his true face and his rise in the criminal world.

As Saul mentions, all of his contacts are through Mike which inherently establishes the Ehrmentraut character’s deep past and relations with various men. Though he features prominently in Better Call Saul judging by the trailer and the story as we have seen in the show, it is unlikely that would cover all about Mike. His life would surely be a different and peculiar one with no affiliations to any woman or any sign of his family members knowing about his job. It would be a truly distinctive program that brings out the best of one of the most intriguing characters in the show. As he says, ‘No Half Measures’ about him; bring it out fully.

Jesse Pinkman after everything

Well, this one I’d say is what we deserve to know. When Jesse left that building untouched in ‘Felina’, it brought about a sense of satisfaction to see Jesse finally given a chance to redeem his life without the interference of Heisenberg. Also, Jesse has long wanted to turn over a new leaf and leave all of his past behind. His moral quandary throughout the show makes his character one of the most perplexing and also the most beloved.

Being troubled with the adventures of Walt and Blue Meth for two years, Jesse gets a shot to lead a free life. Andrea’s son Brock is also left unheard of since her death in the finale which opens up a story of how Jesse could possibly foster him. Added to that, Saul Goodman’s change of identity ensures that none of the old guys are in touch with him. But, what if Jesse goes on a mission to find Saul and kill him for supporting Walt’s plan to poison Brock? Does Jesse still have the killer instinct in him or does he lead a new life free of all trouble? We should know and it would be a pleasure to hear once again, the famous ‘B**ch’.

Breaking Bad was undoubtedly one of the greatest shows and became a phenomenon across the globe. It is only fair to expect to know how it started and how it ends. Let’s hope AMC takes a cue out of this and provides us with more and more of Breaking Bad.


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