The Curious Case of Vitalii Sediuk

The love and life of entertainers are always under the scanner! The most popular stars are criticized most ruthlessly when they attempt to hide their personal lives from public scrutiny. This is a fact! I love to know, discover and explore every aspect about my favourite stars and many of you would like to do the same as well. So who decides whether or not a star’s privacy should be invaded? And what should be the limit of this invasion? Hmmmm….. Indeed a difficult question to answer!

Stars and paparazzi have always been on the crossfire in trying to determine these forbidden lines. And we as audiences, do what we are best at! We simply wait and watch! Paparazzo is our entry pass to the personal lives and living of our favourite stars. But does this empower our so-called entry pass do give crotch hugs to them? Or may be peep inside few layers of the gown that the popular actress wore on red carpet?

Well no! And the answer is in earnest.  But what happens when a Paparazzo goes out of the way to vamp up something similar? This is when you say – the journalist pulled a Sediuk!

Vitalii Sediuk

Hancock in a spot of bother!

Vitali Sediuk, the Ukrainian journalist is making a lot of news recently and for reasons not as merry as they may seem. Nevertheless his infamous pranks did create a good amount of ripples worldwide. The 1988 born Ukrainian journalist first came to limelight when he dressed in a costume resembling the British Royal uniform and offered a ring to a  BBC presenter LIVE and proposed to marry her during the wedding ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton in London. He acted upon his next publicity stunt when he presented a hydrangea to Madonna in Venice Film Festival. His attempt to shot up in page 3 section of any entertainment tabloid this time worked remarkably well because it stirred a worldwide scandal. Apparently Madonna hated hydrangea flowers and she threw away the gift stating, “I absolutely loathe hydrangea”.

Next star on Sediuk’s hit-list would be Will Smith. Yes you heard me right! Our very own Hancock fell prey to his pranks as well! Six months after the infamous Madonna incident Vitalii Sediuk ignited yet another tempest when he attempted to lodge a slender kiss on the lips of the star. The event was marked as the Russian premiere of Men in Black III. This didn’t go quite well with Will Smith. What started as a cordial hug to a fan ended with backhanding Sediuk by the star. Come on Will Smith doesn’t seem like a guy to enjoy anonymous kisses and that too coming from a man! But Vitalli’s proposition hit its bull’s eye. He was making headlines in entertainment columns all over again.

Bradley Cooper getting a crotch hug from Vitalii Sediuk

This was certainly not on the cards for Bradley!

The curious case of Vitali Sediuk achieved its apex when he gave free crotch hugs to  Leonardo Dicaprio and Bradley Cooper in front of the whole fraternity of Paparazzi. In February 10th, 2013 the infamous journalist achieved yet another milestone after crashing 55th Grammy Awards and God only knows how. Here he tried to receive Grammys on behalf of Adele. Here we saw Jennifer Lopez(Yes, our very own J Lo) stood stunned in the podium. Afterwards it was seen that J Lo asked the journalist to  leave the stage. He even spent a night in jail because of this attempt.

This year in the Cannes Film Festival 2014 became the venue for Vitalii Sediuk’s most notorious attempts and America Ferrera was the latest victim to the notorious prankster.  America Ferrera attended Cannes Film Festival to promote her movie “How to train your Dragon: 2” on May 16th. Little did she know how her personal space was about to get invaded. Unfortunately while she was posing for photographers with her costars, Vitalii Sediuk tried literally to crawl under her gown. Ferrera was visibly shaken however; she managed to remain calm despite the violation. Sediuk was pulled back by the security but then his attempt was fruitful.

Vitalli Sediuk in Cannes

The Cannes Gate!

After such string of events prompted by the notorious journalist, the stars and their security should train themselves to remain extra cautious so as to ensure that Vitalii Sediuk is nowhere near them.

Fooh! Here’s wishing all our favourite stars all the luck to stay at a safe distance from the radar of Vitalii Sediuk. You never know you could be the next name on his list. BEWARE!

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