Delhi Police rule out ‘deliberate poisoning’ in Pushkar’s death

Pushkar's death has raised many eyebrows

Pushkar’s death has raised many eyebrows

The Delhi police have completely ruled out poisoning in Sunanda Pushkar’s death but are still analysing the possibility of ‘slow or gradual poisoning’ and confirm that the process could take up to months.

The 52 year old wife of Union minister Shashi Tharoor was found dead in a South Delhi hotel on January 17 but police have so far failed to find any conclusive evidence which points to foul play.

Pushkar’s son Shiv Menon, earlier yesterday, wrote an open letter to the media clearly stating that he doesn’t believe his mother killed herself. He also voiced his support for Shashi Tharoor claiming that they were too much in love for him to have any role behind their death.

Police have confirmed that Pushkar’s visceral remains are lying with the forensics department and it may take months for them to ascertain if there was ‘any slow poisoning’ involved.

Although there has not yet been any confirmed reports from AIIMS’ authorities over Pushkar’s death, sources reveal that around twelve scuffle marks were found on the external body and ‘poisoning’ has been determined to be cause of death.

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