Dimapur Mob Justice: College Girls Responsible For Leading The Mob

India Rape Lynching

The situation seems to get more tensing in Dimapur. Just a day after the lynch mob incident took place, where the rape accused was dragged out of the central jail of Dimapur and lynched to death.

Well to go by the insights of the story, SP of Dimapur Meren Jamir stated in his statement that the police officers were not successful in protecting the rape accused since there were hundreds of school and college girls dressed in uniform standing right in front of them. This was a challenging situation to deal with for the police as there was a high risk of collateral damage.

The after effects of the entire lynching episode led to the senior officials getting suspended. Karai Chawang, Press Officer to Nagaland Chief Minister T R Zeilang informed the decision to suspend Deputy Commissioner Wezope Kenye, SP Meren Jamir and B. Chuba Phom, Senior Superintendent of Central Jail as they were held responsible for the mob attack and the lack of control on the entire situation.

There are orders under process which will be carried out; investigations related to the mobbing attack and the people who were involved in it. Every person who participated in the lynching and the girls who led the mob, breaking the jail to drag out the rape accused, will also be arrested and impeached.

The accused was a man of 35 years old who is an illegal Bangladeshi immigrant. Syed Sharif Khan was charged of raping a college girl twice. The brother of the accused called this a murder with political intentions. The angry mob pulled out the rapist from jail, paraded him on the streets naked, assaulting him with stones and mobbed him to death.

While the situation is still very sensitive in the Assam- Naga border and the curfew has still not died down. Amidst all this the police firing on the mob allegedly killed one person injuring four others. However the situation is somewhat under control and the situation is expected to get better over the weekend.


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