Top 5 Easy To Make Breakfast Recipes


The main issue with the working lot of today’s generation is that they forget the most important meal of the day, i.e, breakfast. With odd working hours and 10 to 12 hour shifts, it will be too much for them to prepare an elaborate breakfast on the go. Especially the ones who are staying alone. It is imperative to have a wholesome breakfast at the beginning of the day. For all those who stay with their friends, far away from family, here are some easy to make breakfast meals that are filling and doesn’t take much time.Before I unveil these breakfast recipes, I would like to mention that you need not have to be a cook or possess some extraordinary culinary skills to preparethem. In fact a decent IQ and proper eye to hand coordination is enough.

#1 Oats

flavored oat oats oatmeal

safolla oats

The easiest and one of the healthiest food to have for breakfast is oat or oatmeal or oats whatever you want to call it. They are tasty and high on fiber which helps in releasing slow energy. There are a lot of brands selling oats with a twist. Other than ‘Quaker’ which is a well known brand for oats, there are Horlicks, Saffola and Kellog’s. Available in various flavors like veggie, masala, strawberry and many other you can pick one according to your taste. Follow the instructions written on the reverse of the packet and you will have a steaming bowl of tasty oatmeal in 5 minutes. For the innovative ones, you can add some extra veggies or diced chicken to enhance the taste.

#2 Cornflakes with dry fruits and milk

cornflakes milk dry fruits strawberry

cornflakes with dry fruits

One will be really amazed by the fact that how something as simple as cornflakes can be turned into something interesting. Just to make it more appealing, put assorted fruits like cashew, raisins, nuts, date palm, strawberry, banana, apple, mango and voila! You have a mixed fruit cornflakes. For chocolate lovers, you can mix coco powder and chocolate chips with the milk and have it with regular cornflakes. Something much better than the regular bland milk and cornflakes.

#3 Egg and Mayo Sandwich

egg mayonnaise sandwich bread

Egg & mayo sandwich

Rather than having bread and omelette for breakfast, you can try having egg and mayonnaise sandwich. Boil an egg or two. Chop it off in little pieces and mix it with a good dollop of mayonnaise, chopped onion and salt and pepper. You can add other veggies like spring onion, bell pepper, carrots if you want to. Spread the mix on one slice of bread and cover it with another one, you have your classic egg mayo sandwich.

#4 Non Veg Pancakes

vegetables egg pan cake

Non-veg pan cake

Pan cakes are something very easy to make but the quintessential pan cake doesn’t makes it to this list. What I have invented is a pancake with twist. They are  non-veg pan cakes. Okay, so here’s how one should go about it. Chop off onions, a little bit ginger, garlic, tomato, green chili’s. Blend an egg, a little bit of flour and milk along with these veggies. You will get a thick batter. Pour some oil on a pan and spread the batter evenly once the oil is heated. Fry until light brown and have it with ketchup. You can throw in chicken, diced sausages or beacon if you want to.

#5 Tikki Burger

Tiki Burger

The quintessential Tikki Burger!

The classic vada pao can be turned into a veg burger in its home made version. Take Burger breads and put a slice of cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber onion and one or two tikki’s. Home made tikki burger is ready in 5 minutes and trust me it is very very filling.

Try these recipe’s and do tell me how did they turn out to be. Also come in with your innovative breakfast recipe’s and share them with others. Bon appetit friends!

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