Endearing days of Malgudi!

Malgudi Days

Swami in Malgudi Days

Few days ago I came across this post on Facebook that summed up very sweetly the life of children from 90s. To tell you the truth I felt like the post talked about the life that I had as a child. I strongly believe that we were privileged to be born at a time when lifestyle was still pretty simple. It was the time when shows like Mahabharat and Hum Log were aired on television. It was the time when every Sunday I used to get glued in front of my television set waiting for the telecast of Malgudi Days. I don’t remember quite vividly anything regarding the show other than the vague image of Swamy that comes every time to my mind when somebody speaks of this show or when I read any short story written by R.K Narayan.

The small and fictional town of Malgudi created by revered novelist R.K Narayan used to be aired on television at a time when Doordarshan was our only source of entertainment. Recently I came across an article that announced the resurrection of this long-forgotten series in YouTube. Set in the backdrop of a small fictional town in South India, Malgudi days probably is one of the simplest tales ever narrated.  Once you start watching the show I am sure it will slowly win over your love by showing how a life led in simplicity can be far better at any point of time than a luxurious and complicated life.

The tale of Malgudi days takes you back in the pre-independence era when a meager sum of four rupees was considered to be a lavish pay for any person. What could not a man do with this amount back in the period of British Raj? They could have bought themselves a new shirt as well as a new car.  Malgudi days had an episode created around this concept which still remains to be one of the most memorable episodes in the series.


Swami and Friends

Malgudi Days “Swami and Friends”

As audience, we love to watch a show that we can relate our real lives with. The simple story of Malgudi Days created a similar impact on us. It depicted the life of ordinary men. The innocence of childhood and early days of adulthood was beautifully depicted by “Swamy and Friends”. Apart from the innocent days of childhood the show also successfully depicted the social taboos and dogmas prevalent during that time but in a light humor. All in all Malgudi captured the essence of “simple living and high thinking”, something that is mercilessly omitted by present day shows.

At a time when Indian Television is dominated by reality shows and soap operas that take melodrama few notches higher with every passing episode, catching up with young Swamy and his endearing family in Malgudi could be a great relief for audiences. Not to mention, the Malgudi days is visited by thousand of visitors every day on YouTube.

The show was aired sometime back in 1987 and it had an impressive list of cast including veterans like Girish Karnad, who portrayed the role of Swamy’s father, Deven Bhojani, Jayashree B., Anant Nag and Manjunath who played the onscreen role of Swamy.

If I had to sum up the experience of Malgudi Days, I can easily say that the show portrayed a mixture of emotions, culture, light hearted humor and stories that we can relate to even when living in this contemporary world. And the best part about it is that the show is now available on YouTube.

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