Facebook is fast turning into a stalker’s playground

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When will Facebook stop meddling with users’ information?

Will there ever be no end to Facebook’s tinkering? How much more information does the social media giant want from its users?

It seems Facebook is on a warpath to kill romance altogether, whatever there is left in this world. You may have seen a new phenomenon in the last few weeks wherein there is an ask button for profile information that your friend, or any user for that matter, may have kept private for whatever reason. So, in case information about where they work is not available, you get to see an ask button beside it that will give a notification to the user that you want to know where he or she is working.

So basically, another level of intrusion where it is not needed. If I want to keep a part of my profile hidden or undeclared, I surely must have done it for a reason. What makes Facebook think I will reveal that information just because someone “asked” is beyond me!

If Facebook stopped it there, then it might have been still ok. But this “ask” nonsense has even been extended to a user’s relationship status. So, now, you, a total stranger to me, can ask me what my relationship status is by the click of a button.

Well, hello there, Dr. Creep! Here’s a fun, new way to stalk me!

Facebook, for all intents and purposes, had already become the easy way to find out if a person you want to essentially to bump uglies with is available for said action or not. But since some people are smart about these things and hide or don’t reveal their status, you now get to harass them about it.

Privacy Controversy

But at least Facebook is not closed to what its users are complaining about. After the fiasco of changing the privacy settings of all users and making their posts public, Facebook has had to endure a lot of privacy related concerns from many of its users. Obviously, the advertisers were overjoyed when the posts were made public as they could glean more information about their potential customers, but in the face of increasing frustration and competition from other privacy oriented apps such as Snapchat, they’ve taken the decision that all new users that have joined from 22nd May would have their default setting removed from public and their posts will only be seen by friends. Unless, of course, users explicitly change the settings to public for whatever they post. But this will not affect the already existing users, so be sure to check your settings to see if they are set to your preference.


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