Most famous Hollywood Musicals of all time!

What would you answer if you were asked to mention that one characteristic in any Indian movie that makes it stand out from the films produced in any other part of the world, something that has led it to garner widespread popularity among international audiences? I am pretty sure, that your fingers would invariably point towards the dance and songs that form an integral part of the films produced in India. Whenever we think about the movies manufactured from Bollywood, the popular song sequences that are a part of these movies is the first thing to come to our minds customarily. For instance, Hum Apke Hai Kaun has become iconic not only for the magnum opus that it was, but the very desi and flamboyant song sequence of Didi Tera Dewar Deewana in the film also made an unimaginable contribution to its unfathomable success. Similarly when we think about Madhuri, more than her critically appreciated performances in different films, it is her dance moves in end number of super hit songs that comes to our mind first. Therefore, we may say that song and dance sequences are the soul of any commercial Indian movie. In fact there were instances, when the most mediocre scripts were successful to mull unfathomable box office success only because of the already super hit songs and dance included in the film. From the classic creations of Naushad to the evergreen melodies of RD Burman, from the very enigmatic Laxmikant Pyarelal to high pitched Himesh Reshamiya. Indian films are internationally famous for the song and the music that it creates. Artists like Gulzar and AR Rahman are revered in Hollywood as well because of their outstanding contribution in the field of music.

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There is nothing new about watching our heroines dance around the tree or flaunt highly embellished attire and dance to her glory in some melodious tunes, but when the same is done by a celebrated actress like Nicole Kidman in Hollywood, it earns the film Oscar nominations and the actress cracks the golden chance to win the most prestigious film award in the world to her name. When Richard Gere, Rene Zellweger and Catherine Zeta Jones came together to perform in songs like “All that Jazz” and “Cell Back Tango” in the highly acclaimed Hollywood musical Chicago, their magical appearance on screen created ripples worldwide. If you think films like Moulin Rouge (the Nicole Kidman movie mentioned just few lines above) could only have songs in Hollywood, then here is your chance to give a little thought, cause we have the dark Tim Burton movie, Sweeney Todd in our list as well. When actor par excellence Johnny Depp lent his voice to the songs like “Pretty Woman” and “My friends” in the movie, it simply sounded like an unknown magic unfold in some distant land. Oh! How can I forget the very pretty Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia, the film had its fair share of endearing song sequences as well. Talking about musicals and giving the mention of High School Musical a miss, is surely not something very gusto. The evergreen movie The Sound of Music, I am sure you remember Julie Andrews singing away “The Hills are Alive.”

Travolta dancing Pulp FictionWhen it comes to Hollywood musicals our very favourite and uber hot John Travolta cannot be let go off without a mention at all. His moves in classic musicals like Grease and Saturday Night Fever can easily give a run for money to any of the newbies in town who vows to be the ultimate dancing sensation.

All in all, if Bollywood is known for the music it creates, Hollywood can’t be left behind as well. It is catching up slowly.


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