FIFA World Cup ’14: Colombia vs Uruguay – 5 Talking Points

Colombia vs Uruguay

The 2nd match of the Round of 16 took place between Colombia and Uruguay. Colombia won the game comfortably enough, with Uruguay unable to breach the Colombian defence. While the game may not have been as impressive as the Brazil vs Chile match earlier in the day, it still had a few talking points.

Luis Suarez

Uruguay’s forward line was conspicuous by the absence of Luis Suarez, who returned home after receiving a ban from FIFA for the biting incident. It was obvious that Uruguay would suffer from his absence, but one certainly hoped that Diego Forlan and Edinson Cavani would be able to make up for the loss. Unfortunately, it did not prove to be the case.

James Rodriguez

Tim Cahill must be kicking himself and wondering what he would need to do to score the goal of the tournament. One would have certainly agreed if he said his goal would win it this time, but then along comes James Rodriguez with an even more fantastic volley. You’ll have to see it to believe it. And it was made even better by the fact that replays showed him looking at the goal first before he took the ball on his chest, showing that he clearly knew what he was going to do and the goal wasn’t a hopeful punt.

Colombia’s team goal

Many teams, though having obvious talent, tend to not win because their star players like to do things by themselves rather than as a team. But for teams who are supposed to be underdogs, the sure way for success is by gelling as a team and putting the interests of the team first. And that’s what happened for Colombia’s 2nd goal. Juan Cuadrado could well have tried for glory himself, but he had the presence of mind to see that the Uruguayan goalkeeper could well be able to block his header. Instead he directed it back towards the box, where Rodriguez was present to slot it in, making the game safe for the Colombians.

A very hapless Uruguay

Throughout this tournament, Uruguay have not been playing the best football, and their attack has been toothless without Luis Suarez. Both Cavani and Forlan failed to inspire the team, and now a major rebuilding will need to take place if they are have solid team around Suarez. For all his misdemeanors, Suarez is still their best forward, and it will be a waste if the Uruguayans cannot take advantage of a fantastic talent.

Watershed moment for Colombia

Having never reached the Quarterfinals of the World Cup before, this is a watershed moment for the Colombians. If they can continue their impressive form, especially since the Brazilians have the kind of porous defence that the Colombian forwards can take advantage of, the semifinals will be a great achievement for this South American country.

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