Film Directors:The Magicians Who Make Fantasies Come True!

The Great Gatsby, The Notebook, Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice, Devdas, Parineeta, Omkara, Aisha, Goliyon ki Rasleela – Ramleela: there is one common aspect in all these films that ties them to a single thread. It is their inspiration! All these movies were inspired from great Novels. Films like Forrest Gump and The Graduate are also cinematic adaptations of celebrated novels with the same name. Hence, we may say that filmmakers from all over the world often draw inspiration from famous literature to find that perfect story for their films.

The Da Vinci Code

You might have loved it or you might have hated it but you possibly couldn’t have ignored this movie!

Perhaps when it comes to adapting these much loved stories on screen, inspiration from popular novels and fairy tale classics serve the best to attract audiences. It is always fascinating to see your favourite characters from a novel come alive on big screen. En-cashing on this concept many films hit the box office. Some were successful to woo our hearts while there are a few names that failed to register that effect on us. No matter what the reaction from audiences and critics are, there is but one thing that how diligently the film makers works to recreate the concept is truly commendable. Filmmakers also love to add that one personal touch to their adaptations. They have a vision which is filtered through different stages of film making and then finally emerges on screen to let our fantasies unfold in front of our eyes.

Film Directors have a vision for the film they are about to make and converting this vision into celluloid reality is the only thing that keeps  them! I remember when I watched Da Vinci Code (written by Dan Brown) for the first time. It felt like the actors were real. Ron Howard the director of the movie garnered much attention even before the film’s release. He dared to bring Robert Langdon to life in the camouflage of Tom Hanks. His cinematic representation of the novel as a thriller created a lot of interest globally. Talking about recent adaptations and not speaking of our Vampire darling in the Twilight Saga, would be very unfare. Just like the novel itself by Stephane Mayer, its cinematic adaptation was also brought to us in 5 installments. The last episode of the saga, “The Breaking Dawn” was brought to us in two parts. When an already very successful novel was brought to life by Summit Entertainment, young film lovers from across the globe flocked into multiplexes and single cinema halls.



A beautiful screen adaptation of the Bengali Classic Novel!

In Indian silver screen as well we saw films like Devdas, Parineeta and Goliyon ki Rasleela – Ramleela garnering much attention. Sanjay Leela Bhansali when adapting the story of unsuccessful love penned by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, he dint deter from taking a few liberties of his own. When Parineeta written by the same novelist was presented on screen by Pradeep Guha our audiences welcomed the endeavor whole heartedly.

Hence, we may say that be it Hollywood, Bollywood or even cross over movies like “Namesake” directors love for representing popular stories on screen has been in trend ever since talkies emancipated. As audiences no matter how much we criticize or differ with the directors take on a story, nonetheless we love to watch our favourite characters from story come to life.

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