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Khooni Darinda….Veranaa… Band Darwaza…. Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag…… and then came Sajid Khan’s Humshakals, the most grotesque of all and easily the most terrifying of sorts. Director Sajid Khan packed the movie with all ingredients of the most titillating horror film. Super sexy bikini clad women emerging out of water, the scary threesome and haunting songs! I read reviews where critiques are loathing their decisions of attempting to watch the movie, but I say they’ve gotten it all wrong. After the disastrous failure of Himmatwala, the director thought of taking his talent to the next level and showcasing people what he is capable of and I must accept that he succeeded in his endeavor big time!

I am no critic but an audience, who thought that it would be fun to catch up Humshakals with all my female colleagues after office on Friday. The reason I stress upon female colleagues because we tend to have weaker hearts, and after watching Sajid Khan’s Humshakals I must say that no we are brave. None of us had any cardiac arrests.

There was a time when Hindi film industry started producing cheap B-Grade horror movies to titillate the innermost senses of audience. Yes they had a reason worthy of making the film but truly I don’t know what made Sajid make this movie. Probably he wanted to take revenge from the Indian audience for the failure of Himmatwala. Humshakals is a singularly unfunny film. Very effortlessly it plunges into the depth of comic bankruptcy. Frankly speaking the director drastically failed to make his audiences laugh with the genre of slapstick comedy.

Let’s try to give the director a benefit of doubt, from his past films it is evident that you can’t expect any sense out of a Sajid Khan film and one shouldn’t get surprised if there is a dip in its script as well. Blaming none but Sajid Khan himself for having taken all the credit of writing a retarded story like Humshakals, I must say that this time around Sajid Khan went beyond idiocy to try to make his audiences laugh.

Coming to the stars of the film Saif Ali Khan, Riteish Deshmukh and Ram Kapoor – their efforts in trying to strike the perfect camaraderie was very evident. In a recent interview our very own Chhote Nawab exclaimed 10 years back he wouldn’t have accepted such a film and I wish he could have stuck with his decision. At a time when Saif Ali Khan is in a terrible need of a hit, what he gets is a Sajid Khan’s Humshakals. So here is the story, we get three Saifs, three Riteishes and three Rams in the movie. The film also has three very beautiful and uber sexy leading ladies – the bong babe Bipasha basu, southern tadka – Tamannah Bhatia and seductress Esha Gupta. If there is a consolation, it would be the effort of these three girls who gave their performance (whatever little there was) in the earnest. Their appearance indeed scorched the screen. But just to make a point I think Bipasha did a brave job in disowning the films. Trust me gal, even if the director and the producer of the movie is expressing slurs against you publicly, your decision will be respected by all!

Coming to the performances, Riteish did a great job even with such a petrifying script. After this film I feel new grown fondness towards the actor and I truly believe that his talent is pretty underrated. Ram Kapoor tried pulling it off as well and Chhote Nawab looked painful, what else would you expect from a guy getting exploited and his popularity is at fault.
All in all if you want to watch Humshakals watch it on your own risk!

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