Five everyday problems for every young couple

young couple fighting

Fights are so common among young couples these days!

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean being with a person alone. It means being with your partner’s traits, habits, characteristics, demands, expectations etc. Every person has a nature and it is this nature that gives rise to attraction or even better, love. Relationships are probably the most beautiful moments of our lives and discovering our dynamics with our partner open gates to an exploratory world that we never want to come out of.

But, being in a relationship is not only getting, but also giving. It is subject to a lot of compromises and pains and it’s only your desire to love that keeps you going. Sure, love appears to be the solution to every pain you have but, it is also a big set of problems that you can’t escape from. At the end of the day, no matter how good your date was or how well you spent your time, problems are going to occur. A relationship is between two imperfect beings having different choices and habits, so conflict is always up on the cards and no force can stop that from occurring. Written below are 5 everyday problems for every young couples-

Not enough time-

A partner is a brand new person and most importantly a massive commitment. Once the relation starts growing, the urge to spend more and more time increases incessantly. That can be satisfied for a short period of time but, doing so constantly is next to impossible. Every person has a family; a bunch of friends and other things to do- in all cases, investment of time is requisite. Once you spend too much time with your partner, other things come calling and you have to answer. In due course, your partner feels that you do no spend as much time as before. This results in justifications, arguments and discontent.

Will you stop that?

Habits are developed covertly over a period of time, so eliminating them instantly is not a very easy task to do. Your partner may not like some of your habits while some may literally irritate them or infuse them with anger. A certain tone you speak in or simply your giddy laugh may not be liked by your mate and stopping it may be difficult for you. You may counter and ask to stop doing things you don’t like much; eventually it sparks a conflict and a problem arises. The statement ‘Why can’t you accept me the way I am?’ takes place only to be replied in- ‘Because you only see imperfections in me!’

I was waiting for you since an hour!

Waiting for a person you love a lot is a daunting task. Every second passed seems like an hour gone and it’s only your watch that indicates that you have waited for a mere 2 minutes. It might be heavy expectation and excitement of meeting your partner or an opportunity to take deliberate shots at them. Either ways, waiting seems to be the worst pastimes for couples, especially young ones. The genesis of many arguments initiate with ‘I waited for you and you were late’. What follows is a case history where the log files contain who was late, how late, when etc. This is one major problem that involves time but is timeless for all couples!

Who was with you?

Suspicion is dangerous! Especially, in an evolving relationship. When you cannot spend similar amount of quality time as before, clouds over your loyalty tend to appear densely and a downpour of questions is expected soon. Though not harmful in nature, as it may appear, such questions turn out to be poisonous and assist in ruining genuine relationships. On one side it’s the pain of being questioned of loyalty while on the other hand it’s the pain of not being answered loyally. This is one of the major problems couples face in advanced stages of their relationship.

Commit! Will you?

It’s a bad idea to imagine that all relationships lead to marriage. If all individuals visualize this in the process of getting into a relationship, a majority of them would probably say- let’s just be friends. When you get into a relationship, you discover a feeling that inclines you towards your partner. But, it is foolishness to commit in a mere frenzy of being in a relationship! While the question of committing is thrown at you, you realize that it was just a genuine exploratory feeling and not a feeling of progeny that got you involved with your partner. This is probably the biggest problem that couples face everyday!

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