Five Hollywood characters who would be anyone’s dream boyfriend!!

Movies now have become obsession and motivation for the generation which were earlier limited to source of entertainment.

When it comes to Hollywood movies, they have like the package always ready to blow our head away in every possible way.

Romantic movies carry a different aura altogether. In each and every romantic movie, the director picks the hottest, cutest or the guy with the best personality, who so effortlessly steals your heart away.

Here is the list of five Hollywood characters who would be anyone’s dream boyfriend:

Zac Efron:

Zac Efron in The Lucky One

Zac Efron in The Lucky One

The role played by him as Logan Thibault in the movie ‘The Lucky One’ was so adorable. The ex-army man, with perfect body and the killer green eyes carry the power to drown every girl’s heart in them. The character he played was equally adorable and lovable. The little gestures of taking care of the girl and protecting her from her cruel husband.

Gerard Butler:

Gerard Butler in P.S. I Love You

Gerard Butler as the adorable Gerry in P.S. I Love You

The role of Gerry in the movie ‘P.S. I love you’ is the kind of person everybody would love to have in their life. Oh! The adorable and oh-so-romantic Gerry is I think exactly the kind of man every girl would want in their life. Every scene was packed with love and surprises which lingered in our minds even after his death. He made his absence so active that even I was in tears and I forgot that he is no more. That lively and lovely was his character and Gerrard did justify the role.

Ashton Kutcher:

Ashton Kutcher inNo Strings Attached

Ashton Kutcher inNo Strings Attached

Adam of ‘No strings attached’, tied a strong knot in every girl’s heart. The movie starts as they were friends and then they turn into sex friends. After a point, feelings and love starts crawling in their heart and in the end they come out as a perfect couple. Ashton Kutcher in person is so Hot and cute that any girl would fall for and in the movie, love quotients for him took multiple leaps.

Channing Tatum:

Channing Tatum in The Vow

Channing Tatum in The Vow

‘The Vow’ he made with which he stole the hearts of million viewers and made girls go crazy about Leo Collins’s beautifully portrayed character of a die-hard lover. When the happy go lucky couple face the worst tragedy of their life, Channing Tatum and his superb acting as Leo works wonder for all girl’s hearts. He tried to help his wife remember everything about their relationship without hurting her and I think that is what every girl want her boyfriend to be like. The way his role moved from beginning till the end, I guess almost all girls watching the movie must have been in tears to have only him as their dream boyfriend.

Robert Pattinson:

Robert Pattinson in Twilight

Robert Pattinson portrayed the role of a vampire in Twilight

Even though he played the role of a vampire lover in the saga ‘Twilight’, he was not the regular vampire always looking to hunt down and suck blood. Everytime I watch the movie I wish why is not my boyfriend a vampire, I do not mind getting bitten by vampires or being chased by zillion blood sucker creatures if Pattinson is one of them. Even if I go out of the movie zone, I still envy Kristen for having such a cute and endearing boyfriend in real life.

Phew!!! All these characters not only fascinate me in dreams but also in day dreams, sometime I start comparing the real guys with them and wonder why they are so different from my dreamy world!! No matter what these movies are intended with but in reality the character stays with us girls for quite a long time.

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