FIFA World Cup ’14- Things football fans say when their team loses

football fans logicThe advanced stages of the 2014 FIFA World Cup has commenced and a lot of teams have missed out on reaching the pinnacle. Though it has to be admitted that most of the teams that lost, won the fan’s hearts and no team went out with a cloud of humiliation looming upon them (except Brazil, perhaps). Yes, few teams did not live up to expectations but that’s all part and parcel of the game. But, fans will be fans. And their justifications on why their team lost will never halt. For a fan, the other team was never better, only the circumstances got the better of the team in support.

This duty of a fan to defend the team he/she supports is based on reasoning but, sometimes no logic. But, that’s the beauty of supporting- you stand by your team even in the darkest hour. Their responsibility to defend is our piece of cake; some of them are jotted below

Lose one match and the world is against you

The Dutch team of 1970’s reached two World Cup finals in the decade but, couldn’t manage to win either. They were evidently the better team but fortune didn’t favor them. Using this as logic, fans defend their teams till rationale exhausts. Especially supporters of Italy and Portugal depend on this to silence other fans who try to troll the two team’s progress in the competition.

Just one match lost, look at past record

For supporters, their team is the best no matter how wrong that notion gets proved. ‘Look at our qualification campaign’, ‘look at our warm up results’ or ‘look at what we did to so-n-so team’ become justifications to portray that their team was the best, the losses just came at the worst times. Spain supporters have been using this reason to defend their team’s dismal performance in the World Cup. Having enjoyed 6 years as World’s number 1 team, criticism was inevitable and so was the baseless defending.

Mr. X was injured

Every team has a star player. Usually when a player carries the team on his back, he is their main asset. But, in a World Cup, the player who is injured becomes an instant hero. Why? Well, that’s a ploy to defend a team’s failure. How did the team lose? Well, Mr. X was injured; his role was the most crucial. Ok, then how did your team win the previous match without him? Well…. Ummm, we somehow managed.

Mr. X was suspended

Any player becomes the most important player if 2 criteria are fulfilled- a. his team loses, b. he was suspended in that match. Suspensions are laws that have to be abided but, sometimes they take away important players from big matches. Michael Ballack’s suspension kept him out of the 2002 FIFA World Cup Final. But, not every player is as important as Ballack, but still logic is logic and fans use it for illogical usage.

They parked the Bus!

We were dominating, but they parked the bus! In matches where winning is necessary in regulation time, smaller teams tend to play defensively to protect their goal and deny the opposition from scoring as long as possible. But, this frustrates teams who have a lot of possession and penetration. Many teams drew and stronger teams lost in a penalty shootout. Reason for the loss? They parked the bus, ‘we were the only team who wanted to win’.

The Ref was blind

The referee is after all a human being and will naturally commit a few mistakes. But, when an angered fan is in mood of justifications, the referee becomes blind. Every tumble is a foul. Every touch in the box is a penalty and when the referee fairly rejects an appeal for a penalty, he is blind. This is the ultimate reason that any football fan would provide in order to defend his teams loss or dismal performance.


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