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The all-time top scorer for Chelsea is now set to prove his mettle on a different field, a field much different from the one he is used to! Lampard is all set to pen five books, titled “Frankie’s Magic Football” for kids aged five and above. The stories revolve around Frankie, a schoolboy, his football loving friends, his pet dog Max as they battle baddies from fantasy worlds and learn valuable lessons, both on and off the field.

Frankie? Lampard laughs – “I didn’t know where else to go – I knew I was going to get asked that by everyone. I mean, I like the name Frankie. If I ever have a son I would call him Frankie, and it’s a family name – it’s my dad and my dad’s dad, so you know, it sticks. I won’t forget it.”

23.04.13_Frank_Lampard_0192-revised-copy ‘Lampard signs children’s book deal‘ is somehow a headline to create much hype and is a good thing for the sale of his book. But are the rise of celebrity authors the reason for apocalypse, the reason for terminal decline of children’s books? Children’s authors have the maximum responsibility. The impact of a great children’s book stays with him forever, but if a child does not enjoy their early reading experiences they can be put off forever. They might think that books are just not for them. Parents should rather buy books for their kids based on the quality of the work and the dedication and skill of the writer and not by the celebrity quotient.

But for Frank Lampard who is generally included in the list of top ten educated footballers, his first outing is pretty competent. Frankie versus The Pirate Pillagers, the first in the series has all the ingredients to make a successful children’s book: a battered old football that turns out to have magical powers, an odd person at a fair, a gateway to a different world, a desert island, a pirate ship… there are also little lessons about fair play, about bravery, about not littering – but also, most interestingly, about focus, about staying calm in the moment, shutting out distraction and achieving the self-posession required to score a goal or achieve anything, under pressure and also what makes the difference between people who are talented and people who actually win?

Frank’s life on the field is a living example. How does he do it? Staying focussed, waiting to take a penalty in front of millions of people? Because he is more aware of the consequences of failure. His autobiography, Totally Frank, begins with a graphic example of what kind of failure he means: his penalty miss in the 2006 World Cup. It’s his willingness to work harder, that sets him apart from the other celebrity authors.

His first tryst with storytelling was reading to his children, and thus he came up with the idea of making up his own football stories and adventures. And he has by far done a pretty decent job with “Frankie’s Magic Football”. It can definitely be said without a doubt Frank Lampard, the author, is here to stay!

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