The frustrated engineer and the ‘dependant’ nation

Pursue excellence and success will follow you

The above statement is not a quote by a renowned author; it’s simply the message behind the popular film ‘3 idiots’. The story of engineers and their struggle is depicted in a very humorous yet thought provoking way and the movie impresses one and all. But, the real scenario of an Indian engineer is a hell lot different. Pursuing excellence can get you remarkable ability, but it cannot get you the assurance of a job in India. It is neither the ‘Great Depression’ nor another era of recession; regardless of both the cases- all engineers do not get a job they specialize in.

Engineering students in India

Engineering students from one of the topmost institutes in India

The Problem

Colleges and Universities today provide a massive array of fields in engineering which interest a lot of Indian brains. Cracking the entrance exams and securing admission is the mandatory process. Achieving good grades is a student’s duty. But, when the determined brain is ready to paint its intelligence on the world’s canvas- it meets disappointment. Businesses in India cannot meet the demand of jobs required in the fields of Geological, Biomedical, Electrical, Geotechnical etc. engineering. There are way too less companies that are set up in India and hence jobs are limited.

The only ways of getting out of this disappointment is either to start afresh entering a new stream and specializing in that, or to work in engineering companies where specialized knowledge is of no use, or finally go abroad to secure a better degree and work there.

The Money

Engineering studies take a lot of investment of time, energy and most importantly money. Money spent in education at a higher level is more or less like an investment that profits you in the long run. Better course or degree will get a student necessary recognition. A better profile will get him/her a better job and eventually a very good salary. But due to the lack of jobs in India, more investment in securing advanced degrees from foreign Universities becomes the need of the hour. Now the investment is massive for studying in foreign Universities.

Once the degrees are achieved, more than anything, the need for recovering all the money spent in education becomes a priority. Indian students accept the hefty salaries that foreign companies offer and the foreign companies accept hard working and intelligent brains. In this way, Indian brains do not serve for India’s progress. At the end of the day, engineers are the brains that build a nation. They are the science and measurement of a nation’s progress. But, in this scenario, it’s like our own lamp providing light to a neighbor’s balcony.


I.T companies in India are flourishing and most of the engineers, even if not from the I.T stream, join such companies to get employed. Most of the I.T companies are based either from Europe or America and all the hard work being done by Indian brains benefits the former and not the later. Management courses are taken up widely, especially by engineers. Sadly, nothing from what they have learnt in their engineering studies is related to management. But, due to the requirement of management experts in almost all industries and businesses, this field is chosen after completing the Bachelor’s degree.

The Engineer and India-

This horrendous scenario of lack of Indian jobs leads to increasing frustration amongst engineers. Moreover, many engineers opt for foreign degrees and jobs just because they get paid very well. In the entire circle, the engineer of India is surely getting affected, and India herself is becoming victim to this vicious cycle.

Due to lack of able engineers in the country, all the projects that are beneficial to the country’s progress are taken up by foreign companies and their technology. Development is good, doesn’t matter if it is done via Indian or foreign brains. But, this increases India’s dependency on foreign companies and countries. History has been evidence in proving that growth of a country by the hands of another country has always led to master-slave relations.

There is a immediate need of businessmen to invest in fields where engineering brains from all fields can express themselves and work positively towards the nation’s progress.


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