General Elections Watch : What happened on April,8?

Sonia Gandhi refuses to show passport to the US, says Indian Govt. has advised her otherwise

Sonia Gandi

Sonia Gandhi

In an interesting turn of events, UPA President Sonia Gnadhi has refused to hand over a copy of her Passport to the US  Govt. According to her, she has been advised to do the same by the administration of the Indian Govt.  This is, with regards to the Human Rights case, against her name seeking investigation into her role in the 1984 Anti Sikh riots. However, Gandhi had  filed a plea of ‘lack of personal jurisdiction, claiming she was not in the US for the designated time period. However, not convinced, an American judge had sought a copy of her passport to verify her recent entry and exit dates from the US.

In matters of disclosure of my travels, which are contained in the passport document, the Government of India has informed me that they would not permit such a disclosure,” Gandhi wrote in a letter to her legal aid, Mr. Ravi Batra.

EC asks Mamata to transfer the designated Election officers’ by 10am on 9th April

Mamata Banerjee finally gives in!

Mamata Banerjee finally gives in!

After a lot of debate and heated discussions, Mamata Banerjee has finally agreed to abide by the Election Commission’s lines of guidance. The West Bengal Govt. has agreed to mobilize the transfer of all the selected Election officers by 10 am today. Earlier, Mamata had bluntly stated that the EC can’t randomly enforce transfers and urged them to reconsider their decision. However, she had to cave in finally. The only clause the WB Govt. has put in, is that they will get to choose the replacement of the selected transferred officials.

We have agreed to transfer the officers by 10 am tomorrow. However, we have also made it clear that we agree to this decision of the EC, if and only if we get to choose the replacement officers“, Mamata said in an interview.


NDA gets a boost, a total of 28 parties now in it’s alliance

Mukhtar Naqvi in his element!

Mukhtar Naqvi in his element!

BJP leader, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, said today that a total of 28 political parties from the length and breadth of the country has pledged it’s support to the NDA Govt. , as of now. The opposition, mainly comprising of Congress, is nothing but a weak minority.

According to Naqvi, going by the pulse of the public, NDA will come to power by winning a whooping 350 seats in the upcoming General Elections, paving the way to form a strong and stable Government that will provide for the well beings of the Indian people.

“It is believed nationwide that before elections, the Congress-led coalition is sinking down like Congress and BJP-led NDA is growing stronger.”, Naqvi said in an election rally today.

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