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goodbye orkut

One of the best Google’s project, Orkut, which was born 10 years ago is getting terminated from September 30, 2014. The popularity of Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter killed the Google’s first ever Social Networking Site. There are still some people like me, who’ve used the Orkut to the core, shared and stored numerous scraps and photos. Orkut was India’s first social network craze and until 2010, many people from India and Brazil remained loyal users of Orkut. The highest percentage of Orkut users came from Brazil with 50.6 percent usage, another 20.44 percent came from India, while US and Pakistan made 17.78 percent and 0.86 percent respectively. As the Facebook gained popularity, more and more people moved towards the new obsession and the number of Orkut users began to shrink. The growth of the other social networking communities has outpaced Orkut’s growth. Hence Google decides its time to say, “Goodbye Orkut”!

The Engineering Director of Orkut Paulo Golgher announces in his blog post that Google is closing Orkut after over 10 years of existence. Although, it is not possible for the new user to create an Orkut account, existing user will be allowed to operate their account until September. We’ll not be able to view our shared stuffs on Orkut, once the Calendar ticks 30th September, 2014.

It is high time for us to take the complete backup of your stuffs on Orkut, including profile information, photos, scraps and testimonials. You can use Google Takeout service of the Google to transfer your Orkut data into your Goolgle+ account.

Google lets you download scrapes and testimonials you’ve received and their comments. You won’t be able to download the testimonials and scrapes you sent to other people. So, let us head back to our once most loved social networking site ‘Orkut’ and download our most valuable memories to our computer.

Backup Orkut Profile’s Data

  • Go to the Google Takeout’s page. Sign in to your Orkut account with your login credentials.
  • He screen shown below, click on the ‘Create Archive’ button.


  • Select the option ‘Orkut’ from the list of Google services. Uncheck all other options except Orkut.



  • Now, click on the ‘Create Archive’ to download your Orkut profile’s full data.
  • There is no need for you to sit waiting for the download to finish. Google (Orkut) will email you when archive file is ready to download.



Now all your Orkut account’s data backup including the profile information, testimonials, photos, scraps and the activities is ready.

Invite Orkut friends to Google+ Profile

You can import or invite all your Orkut friends to Google+ profile by following these instructions and stay connected with them.

Sign into your Google+ account and > go to the circles page >

Select the option ‘find friends’. Scroll down and select your Orkut friends and add them to your Google+ circles.


Import photos from Orkut to Google

You can use the Orkut’s album export service to import all Orkut photos to your Google+ profile. Make sure your Google+ and Orkut accounts are registered with the same email ID, and visit Now select the album of your choice from the list and click on the option ‘import selected’ to import all the Orkut photo album to Google+.

Orkut, the service may be going away, but all of those incredible communities Orkut users have created will live on. Google is preserving an archive of all public communities, which will be available online from September 30, 2014. If you are not in favor of including your name in the community archive, then remove your Orkut permanently from your Google account.




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