Google Glass goes Telekinetic with the Mind Reader app

google glass mindreader app


Imagining interaction with the wearable devices just by thinking about the content, might sound like a feature of  a cutting-edge technology from a Sci-Fi film. But this is what the new app MindRDR (pronounced ‘mind-reader’) does. This ground-breaking app for Google glass allows the user to click the photos just by thinking about them. The app links Google Glass with a piece of attachable hardware, the Neurosky EEG bio-sensor, which picks up the brainwaves which will be translated into action. The function is carried out based on the amount of concentration and relaxation by the user.

This innovative app is built by British firm ‘This Place Ltd’ and claims to be the world’s first app which makes use of telekinetic power and lets the wearer to use brainwaves to click the photos of what they see, by simply concentrating hard on the image. Wearer can then share the pictures by using the power of thought on Facebook and Twitter.

The app superimposes the brainwaves measured by the bio-sensor on Google glass’s camera view.  When user concentrates on the particular task, the meter rises in the Glass view, and photograph will be taken by the app.  If you focus more, then the meter rises again and the picture will be posted in Facebook and Twitter.  The user must relax his or her thoughts to avoid taking the photo or to discard the photo already taken.

The MindRDR app is available at GitHub and is available with limited usage of taking photos and sharing them on Social media networks. At this point the MindRDR software is open source, the company hopes the app will be advanced in future to “train” the users for concentrating in a better way, for medical applications to help the disabled to allow more proper communication and to help playing the games.

Chloe Kirton, creative director at This Place says ” MindRDR could give those with conditions like locked-syndrome, severe multiple sclerosis or quadriplegia, an opportunity to interact with the wider world through the wearable technology like Google Glass.”

This Place is in conversation with Professor Stephen Hawking about the changes the MindRDR could bring as the product evolves.

Currently the capabilities of MindRDR app is limited to taking photos and sharing, but the application of Google Glass Telekinesis, as the technology evolves is very vast.  The strongest application of the MindRDR would be in gaming.  A player can simply think ‘jump’ or ‘Fire’ and the same action will be performed by the virtual character instead of learning all the myriad combinations of buttons.  The app will be very much useful when more complex and split-second decisions are required.

The MindRDR app is certainly a good start in the creating thought activated technology even though in reality conducting many tasks by simply thinking about it is still far off.


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