Govt flatters as oppositions protest against Land Acquisition act

Anna Hazare join in the protest against Land Acquisition bill

Anna Hazare join in the protest against Land Acquisition bill

With protests by the opposition and several farmer organizations against the recent amendments in the Land Acquisition Act by the Centre via an ordinance, the BJP has started a rethink. Senior leaders of the BJP met last evening to explore the possibility of modifications to the land ordinance.A number of noted civil rights activists came together on one platform to rally support against changes in the land acquisition law. Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare flagged off a march of 5000 strong farmers, landless labourers and tribal to Delhi from Palwal to Haryana.

It looks like a recap of the previous anti-congress movements when almost all parties leaving aside their political differences joined in a platform to raise their voice.  The Gandhian activist, the forgotten hero of anti-corruption movement that had shaken the entire nation in the last decade, has reunited once again to thwart any attempt of the government to grab land of the farmers for the cause of industrialisation.

The parties that had their back against the walls for the last nine months have suddenly got a weapon to move around. Parties like JD(U), RJD and even SP have reunited like never before to save their party from being washed out. BJP who stemmed its strength into the root is feeling insecure before the united opposition especially after the rout it faced at the hands of AAP in the recent assembly elections in Delhi.

Major opposition parties are gearing to attack the government in parliament over its land, coal and insurance ordinances, refusing to be dissuaded by last minute gambit for a smooth budget session that starts today. A belligerent opposition stuck to its guns and underscored its objections to, in particular, the changes shaped by the December ordinance to the UPA-steered land acquisition law of 2013.

The Prime Minister despatched parliamentary affairs minister Venkaiah Naidu to meet Sonia Gandhi – the government’s first move to engage with Congress president. Congress sources said Sonia had bluntly told Naidu that the government would be naïve to expect support for its bill to replace the ordinance. Naidu did not commit to a rollback but expressed the government’s readiness for amendments. Sources close to the government had yesterday indicated the Centre might make key changes to the ordinance in the face of the protests from multiple flanks and a nudge by the Sangh parivar‘s Swadeshi affiliates.

Although Congress leaders appreciated Modi’s gesture of sending Naidu to Sonia and said they wouldn’t disrupt the budget, they indicated a readiness to go to any lengths over the land acquisition law. Many other opposition parties told the government that its desire for ruling by ordinance would not be tolerated. A conciliatory government promised to accommodate these concerns.

BJP government is all out to pass the coveted bills in the coming budget sessions beginning today failing which the government’s effort at building the nation as designed by Modi will get a big jolt. Next few days will clear the suspicion of minds of all.

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