GUNDAY – Ghantiyaan Bajte Bajte Reh Gayii !

gunday2People who walk into a Dhaba to have ‘perfect’ Chinese cuisine,  have no other option,but disappointment. But happy are those who enjoy the tarka roti,its flavor,its circumstances.

Gunday, won’t disappoint you either, if you walked into the theatre,keeping its ‘poster’ in mind.

The story is just out of the ‘bollywood formulae’ pages,full of drama,twists and ‘tevar’. Infact, one might get ‘apparated’ to many films that have poured into the Indian theatres since the seventies, in almost every other scene of  Gunday. The style, dialogue delivery, attitude are just another reminder for all of us – three decades are still not enough to change the game.

Set in the time of Bangladesh-India partition, two kids Bala(Arjun Kapoor) and Bikram(Ranveer Singh) land up in Calcutta,end up as thieves . Strength, Capability,Fate makes  a perfect blend,and both of them grow up to be ‘respectable gunday’ of Calcutta. Then maar,danga,songs and dances follow,leading to that indispensable destiny – Love. The extraordinarily ordinary future that awaits every gunda of Bollywood. Steps in,cabaret dancer,Nandini(Priyanka Chopra).

Gunday manages to stay in your mind, because of the performances. Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor are the best ingredients of the dish. The strong-yet-warm chemistry throughout the two hours builds the film like an experienced mason. While Ranveer is the ‘kaathi’, Arjun is the kebab, almost like a Ganguly-Dravid partnership.

Ali Abbas Zafar doesn’t show any extraordinary skills in direction, infact Ranveer and Arjun are successful to hide all the miserable moves he had taken in a few scenes. The place where the two kids choose coal as their agents of survival,lack emotion. The fight of a refugee in India during the birth of Bangladesh, needed a bit more attention and careful handling, but the filmmaker couldn’t think anything out of the typical Bollywood box of ‘struggle theories’.

Priyanka Chopra isn’t a disappointment either,except for a few scenes,blame the direction ! The glamour and vivacity invites a number of whistles, while the emotion-filled-lines receive justice. She’s truly capable to ring the bells of your heart – tang tang tang tang !!

And there is THE  MAN! Despite being a special performance, he is the reason why I actually went to watch Gunday! The ‘full-of-nonsense’ lines somehow seem utterly sensible,when coming from him. Irrfan khan was absolutely perfect within the frame of Gunday,as ACP Satyajit Sarkar.

Songs aren’t devoid of that masala either, and if you’re up for some two-minute-dance number, ‘Tu ne maari entriyan’ can do the job for you. Sohail Sen, can get a cookie ofcourse,for his efforts. Nothing extraordinary,nothing bad either.

All’s well that end’s well, and that’s one of those rare things that are actually likeable about Gunday. But there again, Cinematography and Direction doesn’t do justice to it. Presenting a fresh dish with old taste is never easy, it requires art, it calls for something new. Gunday neither has anything new,nor the art. But somehow,the effort is true. And given the time,when ‘Sensible Blockbuster’ has become an oxymoron in Bollywood,Gunday isn’t essentially mainstream, but couldn’t thrive towards excellence,despite having exceptionally talented actors on board.

You’ll love the film,if you’ve loved the poster,old drama drenched in action.But it’s a little too much for the ones who prefer ‘diet coke’ to ‘masala cola’!!!

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