Humor : The top trolls and memes of Howard Webb

When you have two teams fighting it out to see who wins, the ire of the supporters, players and coaches always falls on the referees. Yes, those poor souls who are supposed to take charge of the game and try to control it often are seen as punching bags, sometimes quite literally.

While referees try their best to keep everything in control, it rarely does work out well for them. In reality, referees are human and cant get every decision correct, though most of them are close to being correct. Then we have a certain gentleman named Howard Webb, who is considered as one of the best referees in England currently, yet the number of gaffes he has made in high profile matches has made him the most joked and often vilified referee in this modern era of football, in fact the only similarity between him and the great Pierluigi Collina is that they both are bald. There also seems to be a general view that Webb is biased towards Manchester United and has often given them favorable decisions.

We know life is hard for a referee; nevertheless here are some of the worst gaffes made by Mr. Webb, who by the way is going to officiate in the 2014 world cup as well, oh well here are some of the best memes from Howard Webb’s worst moments, enjoy!.


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Howard Webb certainly will have his work cut out in the World Cup in Brazil, at least we are guaranteed he will somehow make a difference to the game and help one of the teams out. That seems to be his agenda, Webb is the 12th man every team wants but only United gets or Liverpool ends up playing against and they say referees are supposed to be neutral.

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