Indian Bride Calls Off Marriage Because The Grooms Fails In The Maths Test


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On Friday, an Indian bride called off her marriage as the groom failed to solve a simple maths problem.The bride was skeptical about the education background of the groom and therefore she had asked him to solve a simple maths test.

She asked him how much is 15 plus 6. He replied 17.

Local police officer Rakesh Kumar stated that this incident took place on Wednesday, in Rasoolabad village near the industrial town of Kanpur in northern Uttar Pradesh state. The bride’s family were taken aback with this truth. The groom’s family had bluffed about his educational qualifications.

After the truth was out of the hatchet, groom’s family tried their best to convince the bride and her family to reconcile the differences and carry on with the marriage as planned. However the bride’s family were determined not to go ahead with such alliance.

Bride’s father Mohar Singh clearly stated that his family and her daughter were completely kept in dark about the groom’s educational background. The whole family lied about their son’s educational qualification. The maths problem was easy for even a kindergartener and therefore there are no scope for excuses from the groom’s side.

The police intervened in the matter and the two families returned the gifts, jewellery and other things which they had exchanged during the ceremonies related to marriage.

In India there has been many such cases reported earlier. Recently a bride married a guest at the venue when the actual groom got epileptic fits. The groom was immediately taken to nearby hospital making the bride wait at venue. She was petrified and she married a guest who was also present at the venue. She claimed that the groom’s family never revealed about his disease and that’s what led her to take such an impulsive decision.

As a tradition in our country we are bound to certain limitations especially in arranged marriage. The bride and groom hardly meet each other before marriage leaving very little space to know each other.

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