Indian Politics: A Mud War?

Where will these war of words stop?

Where will these war of words stop?

Today Indian politics has degenerated to a battle arena where politicians fling mud at each other and make superfluous statements to grab the headlines. In fact our state of affairs have degraded to such a level that people are obliviously unaware of the achievements and failures of their representatives. Candidates get votes for their marketability and publicity and not for the work which they have undertaken or the development which they have brought about.

Although I agree that this has been the state of affairs in our country for over the past 20 years, but it is today in 2014 that this peril is at its most threatening height. In the upcoming elections the road is forked in three ways, each filled with promises and bright prospects, however it is up to us to decide, to choose the most suitable and deserving candidate, the question however is ‘How’? In fact an ideal example of this state of affairs is visible in the content of the speeches made by various politicians, i.e. instead of outlining what they propose to do if elected or the changes they wish to incorporate in the system, their speeches are based on criticising and insulting other politicians, a recent example being Samajwadi party politician Azam Khan stating that he would throw Narendra Modi in the sea and the latter attacking Arvind Kejriwal by calling him AK-49 and the biggest threat to our country. Is this the India we want?

In my opinion neither Narendra Modi nor Arvind Kejriwal are the biggest threat to our country, the threat is what politics has become and an even scarier are these men, whom we elect run our country! We can criticize politicians all we want but the truth is that they are our ‘elected’ representatives and their failures is our failure as a community to exercise our voting power in a way which is most productive for us. Elections are round the corner and it is time we don’t make the same mistakes twice.

Women all over the country today are fuming over the comments made by Mulayam Singh Yadav.  However, what they forget is some of these women voted for him and it is because of them that he is in power today, this justifies my statement that we have to know our politicians and their ideologies before blindly voting for them just because their face has been plastered across a few bill boards.

Mulayam's recent comments on'rape' shocked the entire Nation!

Mulayam’s recent comments on’rape’ shocked the entire Nation!

Today, as the whole country is chanting the NAMO mantra, how many of us actually know what the Gujarat model of growth is about?  My guess is very few. Therefore although I agree that Narendra Modi is perhaps the best prime ministerial candidate as of today, however vote for him or his party because you appreciate the work they’ve done and feel that they are capable of forming a stable government and not because you saw his face at McDonald’s or heard his slogan on the radio. We spend hours researching a mobile phone before buying it yet why is it that we fail to do the same when it comes to electing the men who are going to run our country! Hence I would like to conclude by saying that this elections, vote for change but the change you want, vote for development but the development you want, this elections think before you vote and never regret it.

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