An Intriguing Journey: From “Friends” to “Friends with Better Lives”!


Could this really be the 2nd F.R.I.E.N.D.S?

Could this really be the 2nd F.R.I.E.N.D.S?

Hey guys, ” How you doin?”

Remember those famous lines which could trigger an instant turn-on among the hottest ladies of the town?

“Could I Be more cliché” when talking about “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”? Yes, you are right! After Joey, I tried to pull a little Chandler on you and if you are a Friends’ addict like I am, then definitely you will understand what I am trying to say. “Friends” ,probably, was the most popular sitcom to be ever produced in the history of Hollywood. It created a crazy buzz around it which persists even today. I mean come-on even 10 years after the show went off air, we still hopelessly wait for a reunion or may be an 11th season!

So, if you belong to the clan of “Friends” lover, here is a piece of news for you. Although the reunion of the classic show still continues to live within the darkness of improbability, the producers of the very famous sitcom are back with an all new series “Friends with Better Lives”. This new sitcom pays tribute to the classic with an ensemble of young and attractive cast featuring Kevin Connolly, James Van Der Beek, Brooklyn Decker and Zoe Lister Jones.  Well, this gives us the liberty to say that the ace producers are all set to en-cash on the hype created around the show’s classic predecessor.

Criticizing the first episode or pilot would be unfair. But when the producers went ahead with capitalizing on a similar name, a certain amount of comparison is bound to happen. And trust me; this is where the jinx lies! “Friends with Better lives” premiered recently on television with complete intention of playing the “Friends” card yet again and I must accept the fact that it disappointed me to a great degree. It is not for the first time in television history that an ensemble has been created who came together to speak about failed marriages, nagging kids, weekly sex and unlikely hook-ups. It’s much like an old wine in a new bottle, only if the intoxication were to be better!

The sitcom kick starts with registering the continuing presence of each other in one another’s lives which is again presumably accounted for their shared history. Yes it is definitely not their common interest or congruous personalities which bring them together. Hence the six character of the show are stuck together by the dubious twists and turns of their lives.  It is apt to say, that creator Dana Klein is not over her love for “Friends” yet. “Friends with Better Lives” appeared to be like a contemporary version of the classic.

The producers indeed have a lot of expectations from the show and they believe in it as well. As the show walks ahead to fill in more back stories – the three leading women of the show goes a long time back who bonded at a sorority in college – we expect to see all these close-to-interesting folks in different places other than nestling underneath a common blanket, or couch for that matter. Needless to say, remember the famous sofa at Central Park or at Monica Geller’s apartment? This one is nothing like that.

Truly hope that the show could give us more than the occasional jokes or casual sex discussions. Fingers crossed, looking forward to the next episodes. Cross my heart, and hope to die- yes it is all in the name buddy, and the name, itself, deserves some good few chances. 



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