Joffrey dies at his own wedding but who poisoned him?

Who killed Joffrey?

Joffrey dies at his own wedding!

The ongoing season of Game of Thrones delivered it’s first major surprise to the viewers in the second episode, an anti-climactic end to King Joffrey’s wedding to Lady Margaery of House Tyrell, as he started foaming at the mouth before falling dead having had just a small bite of the pie(no pun intended). Joffrey showed off his wedding gift from his grandfather, a freshly forged sword from Valyrian steel, before slicing the wedding pie into two halves and setting the pigeons free who were carefully trapped inside the pie to render the whole process a touch more grandeur. Very romantic and royal gesture but extremely unhygienic considering pigeon poop if ingested in high dose can prove fatal, or at least unhealthy. But was it really the dead pigeon or the wine? What led Joffrey choke to death is still a mystery. Let us look at the three possible reasons behind Joffrey’s death.

The dead pigeon and its poop?


Was it really the dead pigeon which killed Joffrey?

Joffrey set to cut the pigeon pie!

I know it sounds extremely unlike George R. R. Martin to have designed the death of a king due to a dead pigeon but the manner in which Alex Graves asked the camera to be focused upon the dead bird inside the pie must have been an indication of something. I may have lost some of the readers here but having done research on dead birds and how they could possibly transmit Avian Flu and West Nile virus among humans, I do understand the threats that bird droppings pose. Perhaps the Grand Maester could be of more help in ascertaining the true cause of his death.

Queen Margaery is quite a schemer


Did Margaery poison the King?

Margaery is quite a schemer

Margaery is a fiercely ambitious lady having cleverly managed to achieve what she had set forth for, being the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Margaery had been married to Renly Baratheon, youngest brother of the deceased King Robert and self-proclaimed rightful heir to the Iron Throne. But following his death, Margaery moved to King’s Landing in the hope of winning over the Lannisters and marrying the King, Joffrey Baratheon.

What would Margaery possibly gain from Joffrey’s death? Needless to say, she is a very tactful woman and that has been very evident in the way she has wooed the commoners in King’s Landing and subsequently, Joffrey’s trust. There is an awkward nicety about Margaery, almost beguiling. With young Tommen set to succeed Joffrey as the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, Margaery will be much closer to assuming total responsibility of the Seven Kingdoms than anyone else.

Margaery is a schemer, possibly one better than Cersei, but does it with such deception that you end up almost forgetting that she is one.  Thrice married, twice widowed, Margaery could well be the mind behind Joffrey’s death.

Price Oberyn because Martells also pay their debts


Oberyn wanted revenge for his sister , did he kill Joffrey?

Another enemy of the Lannisters?

The fourth season kickstarted with Oberyn Martell bursting onto the scene, still seething at the way his sister was brutally raped and murdered when Tywin Lannister took over King’s Landing. The first impression that you have likely got about Oberyn that he is a threat to the Lannisters; worse still, he was in the city having come to attend Joffrey’s wedding. It is obvious why Tyrion wanted to find out the truest intentions behind Oberyn’s decision to visit the city; he was aware of the past and apprehensive of his presence.

However, it is unlikely that Joffrey’s death would come across as rude a shock as that of Ned Stark to the fans. The Lannisters are not just hated within the seven kingdoms, but far beyond it.


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