Remembering Kalyanji AnandJi – 5 Most Popular Songs

KalyanJi AnandJi music composer

One of the outstanding music composers our country has produced

Heart touching stories, simple yet brilliant narratives and magical songs are some of the aspects that define our film industry during 1960s. This was the Golden Era in Indian Cinema when the fraternity achieved its maximum number of milestones. The songs composed during this time not only ruled the charts back then but their remixed versions have continued to rant and rave in discos even today. Of the many songs that created history during 1960s, there were quite a few to be composed by music director and composer duo Kalyanji Anandji. The melodies which they created back then made such a deep impact in our emotions that their tunes have been etched in our memories forever. Kalyanji, from the duo was born on 30th June 1928. On this occasion of KalyanJi’s 76th birth anniversary, in what better way can we pay respect to this magical duo, other than remembering them through their best compositions ever.

Below mentioned is the list of 5 most celebrated songs composed by the musical maestro duo:

 Khayike Paan Banaras Wala

Remembering Kalyanji Anandji without the mention of the magic that they created for the music of Amitabh Bachchan starrer Don is nothing short of a crime. The album for Don was rich with foot thumping music. Khayke Paan Banaras Wala was given playback by the magical voice of Kishore Kumar. The simplicity exuded in the tune is simply unfathomable. Not much time ago when Don was remade, the director dint dare to omit or tamper with this chartbuster song. He knew that it was impossible to recreate the magic of Don without Khayike Paan Banaras Wala.

 Yea Mera Dil

Talking about Don and not mentioning the sensuous Yea Mera Dil is simply impossible. Kalyanji Anandji created a marvel in the form of the melody of this song. When the song was released back in the days audiences from across India were mesmerized by the heavenly charm and dance moves of Helen on one hand and the enigmatic music of Kalyanji Anandji on the other hand.

 Zindagi Ka Safar

Who can ever forget this soulful melody sung by the legend himself – Kishore Kumar? This song is definitely one of the most highly popular songs of Kishore Da. Picturised on superstar Rajesh Khanna, “Zindagi Ka Safar” ones again makes us fall in love with the simple way in which Kalyanji Anandji used to cast the spell brilliantly in their creations.

 O Sathi Re Tere Bina Bhi Kya Jeena

This song takes us back to the time when Amitabh Bachchan used to rule the Indian silver screen in his full glory. O Saathi Re was a part of the album for blockbuster movie Muqaddar ka Sikander. This song was recorded in two versions sung by Kishore Da and Asha Bhonsle respectively.

 App Jaisa Koi Mere Zindagi Mein Aaye

When this song was released audiences were stunned to see Zeenat Aman scorching the screen on her most glamorous avatars. For a diva like Zeenat Aman, the song needed to be equally sensuous to complement her oomph factor. Kalyanji Anandji was therefore, given the responsibility to create a music that would exude romance and sensuality without going beyond the lines of sanctity. The music composer duo knew what the director Firoz Khan expected from them and hence, they created Aap Jaisa Koi Mere Zindagi Mein Aaye for his directorial debut Qurbani. Pakistani pop singer, Nazia Hassan was signed for the first time ever to give the playback for this song.


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