Kejriwal and Modi : exciting battle in Varanasi

Kejriwal taking the holy dip!

Kejriwal taking the holy dip!

Arvind Kejriwal, the IIT Techie, has tactfully sounded the bugle in a rather unknown turf for him where not too many people would know him by name let alone his short lived stint as the Chief Minister of Delhi. The underdog Krjriwal is seriously thinking to give it a shot to fight against the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi.  People may be wondering; is Kejriwal preparing for a shadow boxing or seriously looking for a fight ?

Varanasi is not home of any of the two powerful contestants. People may have heard the name of Modi as the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate but Kejriwal has no connection with the soil of Varanasi; both Modi and Kejriwal are parachute artists in that city.  They are outsiders for the same reason.  If one is to believe that people come to vote on the basis of performance by the governments, it is Narendra Modi who is miles ahead of Kejriwal and has already proved his mettle by ruling nearly Gujrat for fifteen long years whereas Kejriwal has ruled a state like New Delhi, that too for a meagre 49 days.

Stunts in politics are random now-a-days. Kejriwal has to pitch his political party seriously with a national agenda to fight against an organised party like BJP and a  figure like Modi and not with mere exploit and gimmickry. Political opinions are aplenty in Varanasi where Congress has pitted a weak candidate thereby conceding the space to Kejriwal, who has jumped in to grab the opportunity to attract media’s attention at Varanasi and gain national character.

He discretely gained the momentum in the last Delhi Assembly Elections where he fought against the Chief Ministerial candidate, Sheila Dixit and stole the media attention. Kejriwal’s fear of being slaughtered at Varanasi cannot be blown out of proportion and with his first visit in the temple town, which  has turned into a battle-ground with black flags shown, had ink thrown and also allegedly eggs hurled at him – this could be dirty with mudslinging galore. It is more like a fight of Tyson when he bit ears of his opponent which is not permitted in the ring. Democracy also demands freedom of movement and speech, the two primary things everybody should be allowed to enjoy.

Since 2002 Gujarat riots, Modi has been labelled as the man behind mass killings of innocent in the state but no investigating agencies or even the court has been able to find any hand of Modi behind  Gujarat massacre and that too during the Congress regime. Rather Supreme Court has wrapped up Akhilesh Jadav for being responsible for the riot in Muzaffarnagar recently.

Congress and AAP have thrown up challenges to Narendra Modi to have a one to one debate over national issues which is being turned down by BJP leadership. Instead they have argued that in democracy people are the supreme and Modiji has answered all the questions asked by the media in open forum in front of the common people. The impetus is onto Modi who is travelling to all parts of the country to take home his party for the second time after 2002.

The temple town saw Kejriwal taking bath in the sacred river Ganga before proceeding to attend the gathering and even paused during Azaan to win the hearts of Hindus and Muslims. This kind of religious populism tactics hardly pays in electoral battle specially when people of the country seem to have decided for a change of guard this time. Come May 16, we would surely see a new face swearing-in as Prime Minister of India.

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