Kejriwal quits: romance with capital ends

Kejriwal resigns!

Kejriwal resigns!

Aam Aadmi Party and their mercurial leader Arvind Kejriwal deserve accreditation for having successfully romanticized politics in the country and among the urban youth. The interest among the youth and first time voters, who surprisingly contribute to 14% of the electorate this upcoming Lok Sabha polls, to take active interest in the nation’s politics has co-incided with the staggering rise to power of the AAP. Kejriwal’s fresh face and the party’s agenda was a welcome relief to the country’s educated youth who are becoming increasingly inclined towards being involved in the betterment of the nation. However, with Kejriwal announcing his resignation on the Valentines’ Day merely 49 days into the job, this might signal the end of a romantic liaison between the AAP and the young. Maybe not!

The guy who was out today celebrating the festival of love with his partner, probably grieved over Kejriwal’s decision to quit as they drove back home after dinner. The guy, who had to work late tonight filling in for his missing manager, perhaps spent the majority of the evening bypassing the proxy server and keeping himself abreast of the latest developments surrounding Kejriwal’s resignation.

Such has been the influence that AAP has managed to have among the young voters that they would be left to wonder what could have been. The feeling within them, now, is almost identical to that of one who had his red rose turned down today; one of sheer disappointment and dejection!

Kejriwal’s rise to power was engineered by the young and the restless within the country’s capital;disgusted with the corruption inside the Government they took to the streets in support for the party which was barely months old. The disillusionment that was beset among the people aided AAP’s political insurgence. In a sense, they were more intent on changing the ruling government than bringing Kejriwal to power; AAP’s rise to prominence was timed perfectly and emerged as the best plausible contingency plan for the electorate.  

AAP’s meteoric rise coupled with their radical moves to order probe into former Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit’s role in the Commonwealth Games scam, audit of power distribution companies in Delhi and subsidizing electricity for majority of households in the city, they were beginning to enthuse confidence among the same voters who brought them to power. They, too, had their fair share of political blunders when they held the entire city to ransom by going on a dharna choking the traffic for over a day. 

But, the Indian electorate are realistic enough to understand that even if AAP managed to fulfil half of what they promised in their pre-poll manifesto, Delhi would be a easier place to survive for the middle class population. However, Kejriwal’s decision to step down following his failure to table the Jan Lokpal Bill in the Parliament, after having accepted responsibility for the same as it was one of their primary poll promises, would undo whatever good work that AAP have been upto since they took charge of the capital.

The Delhi chief minister claimed that he would be glad to step down ‘a thousand times‘ if it ensures good for the nation as he promised to continue his fight against corruption. Many critics and supporters alike would call this decision hasty but you cannot blame the person for being a romantic, can you? Kejriwal’s decision, some would put it as a political gimmick while some would call it as a brave step in accepting defeat, might cut short AAP’s affectionate fling with the city but would go a long way in establishing romance within the young and the aspiring political leaders.


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