Lok Sabha Elections or a way to Individualism?

Kerala goes to polls!

Kerala goes to polls!

The first phase of elections kicked off more or less peacefully in Assam and Tripura. What should the electorate do and how are they to choose their representatives? Election Commission is apprehensive and have done their homework well in advance and advertised through media that voters must take a dig into all the candidates before pressing the button. If one has to believe in the present trends of polls, it is BJP led by Narendra Modi and with its allies, may well have the majority to form a government. BJP never in their rallies has ever christened for BJP led NDA government but a government led by Modi popularly called as Modi Sarkar.

There is always a possible danger of a one man leadership being implemented for the next five years if Modi comes to power. Wherever you look, be it in east-west or north-south, everywhere there is a party flexing their muscles in the name of one person leading the party. This is dangerously leading  India towards authoritarianism and fascism. A country or  a state in particular, living under authoritarian rule, is bound to be weary of democratic rights. Public voices are throttled by the administration with more vigour than before without showing any apathy whatsoever to the people who are protesting against it.

For example , look at eastern Indian state of West Bengal, it is Mamata Banerjee who is bulldozing her way into the opposite camps tearing apart all allegations made against her, true or false, and even does not hesitate to challenge the  judiciary system standing in the Assembly. The Bengal Chief Minister challenged the chief electoral officer of the state Sunil Gupta and the central poll body to implement their decision to transfer seven top officials ahead of the elections. Her party workers even went to the maddening extent of burning the effigies of additional Chief Electoral Officer and threatening to kill him for having allegedly made the recommendation for purely political reasons.

If we turn around our view to the western states, we would see the Adarsh-scam tainted former Maharashtra Chief  Minister Ashok Chavan come to the forefront having got a ticket to fight election. Turning our heads at the south, there are all parties led by one single man or woman – be it Jayalalitha or Karunadhi in Tamil Nadu or Chandrasekhar(TRS) and Chandrababu Naidu(TDS) in Andhra Pradesh; while the whole of the northern region is chanting ‘NaMO NaMO’ , century old Congress are still zooming into the Nehru-Gandhi clan.

Chanting NaMO NaMO Mantra is not a mere symbolic and it has catapulted the belief in the middle class as well as the poor that Modi is the man who can ONLY save them from all despondencies and the country from the threats of the enemies. People seem to have started to believe that Modiji has a strong vision of the future and is a proven leader who will deliver good governance to the people of India.

Ironically individual worshipping, whether in state or in the centre, will do no good  to the people rather it would ignite more and more doldrums in the society and people, who are shouting their voice all-out, will come to understand their wrong doings in the years to come.


Once aspiring writer, revisiting old passions after finally reaching the right side of sixty! A firm believer in Marxism and an atheist by choice!

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