Lok Sabha Polls 2014 : Congress must find a way for its survival


New Face of Congress?

New Face of Congress?

During the last decade, Congress have enjoyed the supremacy of power but now may be the time for a change in guard with Congress still reeling under political insignificance. If the pollsters prediction goes right, Congress may find its tally as the lowest ever since the first General Elections. It’s arch-rival, BJP, on the other hand, with the help of its allies could come very close to an out-and-out majority.

The back-benchers like AIADMK led by Jayalalitha in Tamil Nadu and JDU under the leadership of Naveen Pattanaik in Odisha, that looked to have turned away from BJP,  are likely to consider a post-election alliance with Modi. These two parties have already shunned the so-called Third Front floated and primarily led by the Left Parties. The poll predictions, so far made by different agencies, have clearly indicated that Congress is going to suffer hugely in almost every northern and central Indian state mainly because of the price rise in every essential commodities and corruption which have brought revulsion among millions of people, although no political party can wash their hands off the same charge, not even AAP.

Barring BJP and the Left, all parties have family loyalties but in the end Congress gets the boot being called a party led by the Nehru-Gandhi clan. One can debate that BJP also has a family background as RSS or the Sangh Parivar remote control the party from distance. Having said that Congress’s faults are hardly unique, BJP have argued successfully that corruption and clan are the two most major diseases crippling Congress.  But kinsfolk plays a great role in Indian vote bank politics. One should not forget that Congress, led by Nehru-Gandhi family, have ruled this country for nearly six decades.

Congress failed miserably to come to grip with creeping inflation, inflexible  levels of inequality, and massive unemployment even as the economy grew faster than at any time in the past. BJP also faced the people’s wrath in 2004 General Elections on the same ground. No largesse  can compensate the voters’ mood at this moment.

The other most important cause of Congress’s horrendous state, though, is its inability to communicate a sense of authority and leadership. The key leaders of Congress have passed their time only exposing their discomfiture  with the power blaming the main opposition party, whereas BJP have tactfully elevated Modi in the race for Prime Minister citing his good works and administrative capabilities.

The growing trend of regional parties have further weakened the Congress in states where they are lackluster in grooming budding leaders to face the challenges. The lone regional leader who became Prime Minister of the Congress led government was Narashimha Rao and unfortunately, there are no signs of any leader coming across any of the states.

Although regional parties are formed against the horrific exploitation by the Centre yet this is not good for the democracy at all. A virtual extinction of the 130 years old Congress Party will surely not serve well for the country. We need strong opposition party in a democracy that can desolate regional parties who won’t be able to provide anything good for the sake of the nation as a whole but only look after their own interest. For this reason, a party other than two large parties in the country should emerge with a different outlook which could bring a new lease of life to the poor Indians.

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