Let the Magic Unfold at IIFA 2014

IIFA 2014 celebrities

The Bollywood celebs at the IIFA 2014

Tampa Bay, Florida rolled its Red Carpet to welcome the “who’s and whose” of the Indian film industry when the 15th edition of IIFA came to their town. Amidst a constellation of stars, the so-called India’s very own version of Academy Awards pulled over its curtains for the first time in US. The show was telecasted this weekend on Star Plus and I must say that viewers from across the world were all hooked on to the edge of their seats with pulsating hearts to witness the magic unfold at IIFA in front of their eyes. At a time when award shows have become really very common on Indian television. They almost sprout from anywhere like mushroom does. The IIFA organization hence had to give serious consideration to chalk out an event that would garner a major attention from the viewers.

Much to the expectations of the worldwide viewers, IIFA this time went all out to ensure that they receive a thundering response from Indian movie fans. From foreign locales to extravagant sets, from starry performances to star-studded red carpet and from magical choreography to unfathomable guest appearances, frankly speaking this year IIFA had all the masala of a multi-starrer bollywood blockbuster.

So, first thing first; IIFA is never a one night show. It is a sprawling event that stretches for a whole weekend. The organizers at IIFA do not shy away from spending luxuriously and uninhibitedly for a lavish weekend experience for stars whom they invite, which essentially is the whole fraternity from Bollywood and important personalities of Indian film industry at large. Each year IIFA has a new country to host the ceremony and throughout the IIFA weekend the stars are pampered in the best way possible. This year IIFA took an ambitious step forward by choosing Tampa Bay at Florida to be the venue for their event. Throughout the weekend stars were treated with fun and merriment. Thus, IIFA organizers definitely got some good content to be telecasted on satellite channel and garner viewers’ attention even before the show was aired. Indeed a commendable step by the organizers, who by now have mastered the art of wooing worldwide television audience.

The main event pulled up its curtain extravagantly. Farhan Akhtar and Shahid Kapoor, were selected to host the event this year and they did their job to the earnest. They were not only impressive but they staged an awesome camaraderie and candid bromance. Their performance indeed gave us a much-needed break from the very mundane and stereo-typical Badshah and Nawab performances. They had their very own share of silly jokes but the occasional mention of Kareena Kapoor Khan and her fevicol obsession by Shahid did create a high point of the show. But as you could expect, Bebo dint let Shahid to go away with all the limelight. She had her own share of fun when invited onto the stage accompanied by her husband, Bebo remembered to exchange a casual “Hi” with her ex-beau Shahid!

Priyanka and Travolta dance at IIFA

Priyanka and Travolta shake a leg

Priyanka Chopra staged the opening performance of the event. Before her dance steps would reach its finale to the “tang –tang” tune Piggy Chops had a moment of her lifetime. She quickly went into the audience and dragged the enigma himself – John Travolta (Yes you heard me right! John Travolta was the showstopper of the night) onto the stage. Who graciously matched his steps with the lady. If John Travolta’s flamboyance raged a thunderous cry from the crowd, Kevin Spacey’s brief “Lungi Dance” performance alongside Farhan, Shahid and Deepika couldn’t be left far behind as well. Audiences were totally taken back as the Hollywood star donned a lungi to match his steps with co-Indian stars at the stage. Well just for mention John Travolta was felicitated by Hrithik Roshan with the IIFA award for “Outstanding Contribution to International Cinema” and Kevin Spacey was given away the award of “Entertainer of the Year” by Deepika.

Kevin Spacey lungi dance

Kevin Spacey dances to ‘lungi dance’ with Deepika

Other people to grace the stage of IIFA 2014 main event by their thunderous performance were Madhuri Dixit Nene, Hrithik Roshan, Deepika Padukone, Siddhart Malhotra, Ranveer Singh and Priyanka Chopra.
All in all this year the International Indian Film Academy Awards, better known as IIFA was a super entertaining show. Not to forget the series of selfies that were taken in the show, LIVE. Special mention to the selfie starring Kevin Spacey!

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