Why Make in India is the ultimate con campaign

Make in India

Make in India

The NDA government has a whopping majority in the Parliament. They virtually own the upper house of our democracy. They can pass any law they want, make any decision they want and shun any protests they want. There is not even a handful of opposition to raise a voice against them. But then there are the people of this country- fed up of the UPA government- who believe in the Modi wave to make India what it truly deserves to be. The FDI, in the past two decades, broke the spine of the manufacturing sector in India. Foreign companies now dominate and call the shots in the market.

The people expected the new government to solve this issue and rejuvenate the manufacturing sector while subsequently opening up job opportunities. The government obliged and brought in the ‘Make in India’ campaign with massive media coverage. PM Narendra Modi’s abbreviation of FDI- ‘First Develop India’ became a matter of huge appreciation. The same party and alliance that stressed on ‘Swadeshi’ and opposed UPA government’s FDI invitations had now invited- in fact welcomed- a larger percentage of FDI. Naming it ‘Make in India’ acted as a perfect camouflage to fool the citizens of our country. The fact that no media channel shows it, is the repercussion that we will face and the effects the campaign will have.

49% FDI in defense

‘Made in India but not made by Indians’
They will bring their machines, set up factories and manufacture weapons for us. That sounds sweet, especially when China can aggress at any point of time. We will get the weapons but will we get the knowledge to make those weapons on our own? May be yes, may be no. But the matter of worry is our increasing dependency on the west for the defense of our own country.

In the manufacturing perspective that ‘Make in India’ focuses on, 23% increase of foreign involvement in our absolute defense sector means 23% direct decrease of contribution from local defense manufacturing units. With the advanced technology the west has, they will summon personnel who are accustomed to such technology. So, in the broader perspective, we will lose more jobs on the decision of 23% addition of FDI in defense sector. Majorly, our defense manufacturing units will close down as the government is willing to depend on foreign involvement.
Sounds like ‘First Destroy India’, doesn’t it?

100% FDI in Retail

We officially welcome Walmart after 100% FDI inclusion in ‘Make in India’. This move demolishes the financial stability that our local manufacturing bodies have built over the years. Foreign brands (like Pepsico) will now enter India with massive advertising intent and revenue in the pockets. Parle’s Goldspot (the orange drink of the early 1990’s) was purchased by Pepsi as the former couldn’t afford to stand toe to toe with Pepsico. The advantage Pepsico had then was a global name and endless money to spend on advertising. Pepsi could be purchased at Rs.3.50 while Goldspot cost Rs.3.75. Pepsi didn’t mind the losses at all, it was a global brand loaded with investors. Goldspot shut down soon. Pepsi increased their prices immediately after Goldspot was nowhere to be seen in the market.

100% retail will bring in such wealthy global brands who do not mind spending insanely in the initial stages. Once they overtake their opponents, they create a monopoly and offer higher prices to recover the losses initially suffered. The Indian brands in retail will suffer due to this. Their labor will be out of work and their money will be sucked up by the foreign powers.

This, in the broader perspective, makes India a consumer and not a manufacturer. The foreign companies clearly indicate- ‘You stop manufacturing and become mere consumers and we promise to sell you the same stuff at minimal rates’.

100% FDI in Telecom sector

This is a direct threat to national security. Foreign companies can, in this way, directly intercept and monitor all our secret messages and key informative hubs. Employment is not endangered in this sector but without competent security of the nation, what is the fruitful use of employment?

“Construction, operation and maintenance of specified activities of Railway sector opened to 100% foreign direct investment under automatic route “ –  Taken form Make in India website

Construction and maintenance is okay, but the real threat lies in the ‘operation’ part of the 100% FDI in railway sector. A person’s dependency on Railways in India is immense. It is a perennial profit generating sector. 100% FDI in railway sector will allow foreign companies to own railway platforms, literally! They can own a kilometer in a route from Delhi to Calcutta (as an instance). They will get in good tracks, trains, services etc. But, they will suck all the money out of India. The profits they earn will benefit them and not India, after all these are foreign companies.

A massive number of local businesses will be lost. The chaiwala on the platform or the bhel puriwala at the indicator will have no right to sell his stuff and earn for a living. Fruit sellers, coolies, vendors, book shops, snack vendors etc. or simply the people who have small time businesses won’t be allowed to enter private company property! Sounds like a minute issue but the eradication of millions of such small business will hurt the lower middle class of India.

The ‘Make in India’ hoopla is the ultimate con campaign that has ever been brought up in India. The appearance of glory is not glory and the appearance of affluence is not affluence, that’s the sad reality of this campaign. In every possible aspect, Make in India’s promise of boosting the manufacturing sector, developing India and creating jobs is a massive lie. The realities of its effects are converse of what is being told and portrayed in the media.


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