Mixed reaction to rumored Nadella appointment

Satya Nadella to change the Microsoft outlook

Satya Nadella to change the Microsoft outlook

The reaction to recent rumors that Microsoft’s head of Cloud and Data Center operations would be appointed as the new CEO has been a very mixed one.

The 47 year old Nadella, who is of Indian origin, has been responsible for galvanizing the company’s cloud services and is the mastermind behind bringing Microsoft database, Windows server to their Azure cloud. Under Nadella’s leadership, Microsoft’s cloud services recorded a significant rise in their revenues generated in 2013 and is now believed to be the hot favorite to succeed Steve Ballmer to be the most influential person in the world of technology.

However, the reaction to Nadella’s appointment has been very mixed with a certain population of Microsoft lovers refusing to believe he would be the right person to take charge of the company. Nadella, who has been credited with the success (or lack of it!) of Bing, Skype, Xbox live and Office 365, is seen as many to possess a personality which is in stark contrast to his predecessors.

Most of the revenue that Microsoft keeps generating till date are courtesy the vision of Bill Gates; the only thing Ballmer had to do was to ensure everything was working fine and he did that more than alright. Nadella, on the contrary, is widely considered within the company and outside as a very innovative person with a vision. With a lot of hope being pinned of Microsoft’s cloud services, Nadella could actually turn out to be the perfect choice producing yet another successful Microsoft product or ‘cash cow’ rather than milking the ones that Gates gave to the company.

It would be unfair to judge the man solely on the failure called ‘Bing’. There is no denying the fact that he has propelled Microsoft’s cloud services to fairly good heights and could inject new life into the company given the strong competition that there is today unlike when Gates was the CEO.


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