Modi drags the Gandhis in BJP-Congress slugfest

Modi has received support from Bollywood stars!

Modi training his guns at the Gandhis

The French word ‘RSVP’ means “Regrets Only” but the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate has reinvented its meaning in a new way inculcating furious counter attack from Congress.

As per NAMO, RSVP stands for Rahul, Sonia, Vadra & Priyanka. He renewed attack on Gandhis in a different game plan. He pitched his voice against Rahul calling him “Shehazada” and also calling Sonia “Rajmata“. His sense of humour is unique and has attracted strong¬†criticism from Congress. NaMO has a dubious distinction of using humorous languages in his own style though the nature of attack gets personal.

Will the BJP’s late “RSVP” charge have any bearing on the 2014 elections that are already underway ? Modi who in his earlier speeches trained his gun primarily on Rahul – in the current round dragged both Rahul, Sonia and Vadra as the “Jijaji“.

Uma Bharati has even told that once empowered, she will jail Robert Vadra for his illegality and irregularity in grabbing the land in Haryana. In the current system, no land deal is possible without the bureaucratic support and hence land deal is not above question and specially when the Congress government is in power in Haryana.

Congress claims that this is witch hunt by BJP. In this crucial phase of elections, BJP decided to play the Vadra card against Congress’s Adani card. Congress claims that Adani is pumping money into BJP’s rallies who has got land illegally from Gujarat government.

Ashoke Kheka proved, the case that was made in public, that there is something criminal in nature in the deal and he had to face the ire of the government. Ashoke Khemka was called a disgruntled person when he brought the illegal land deal in public domain. The charges against Vadra were flying thick and fast and Congress failed to reason why the issue was not discussed threadbare.

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