Modi envisions his ‘New India’ for post Congress 2014

Next Indian Prime Minister?

Next Indian Prime Minister?

Narendra Modi had probably decided to rock through his speech days ago and he had enough reasons to do that . Being appointed as the BJP Prime Ministerial Candidate, it was his first speech in the BJP National Council with party leaders from all over the country waiting since yesterday to hear his voice and as expected, he completely mesmerized them with mild political twists as well as his exemplary vision to rule India in the best way possible if he is enough lucky to be elected the next Prime Minister.

In the meet, he had sheer intentions of challenging Congress with his “Idea of India” setting out an ideological framework of equality and growth while steering clear of doles, privileges, sectional giveaways and vote-bank politics. And it was very clear that he had his homework done well. He had listened to the tapes of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi’s speeches at the AICC convention in depth and was rebutting every single point that they had made there particularly trashing the Congress’ argument  in not naming Rahul the party’s prime ministerial candidate.

Besides taking his political speech to its climax, Modi was speaking more in terms of unveiling his vision for a ‘New India’ and how he would try his best to “build the nation” by listing out his priorities, ideas of tackling inflation, eradication of the serious issue of unemployment, a new economy anti bodied against global variations, enhancement of using science and technology in agriculture to bring up production, setting up a completely new Bullet trains railway and so on. But what is most important is that through his ideas of governance, he sought to build up political relations, or at least lure towards BJP the leading regional parties in various states where the BJP was neither in power ever nor was a major political force by mentioning that they would be paid special attention — and potentially developed states where he knew that the federal structure has been under attack for a considerable period of time.

Deviating towards cultural tropes of India, Modi upheld non-violence as the fundamental concept behind universal dharma, equality of all spiritual paths, a one family world, empathy with sufferers and respect for women.

But there was no mention of AAP for even once in his entire speech which clearly refers that BJP doesn’t see the party to be a threat to its mayhem so early. Instead of dwelling on AAP, Modi said it’s high time to think of “Brand India”, an age independent concept that rests on the “five Ts of talent, tradition, tourism, trade, technology” — elements with the potential of turning India into an economic super power.

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