Modi-Mania in B-Town

Modi has received support from Bollywood stars!

Modi as PM – Foregone conclusion?

2014 Parliamentary election has become a mega battle of words and passion. There are only two sides – one is pro Modi camp and other one is anti Modi camp while BJP and Congress as the two major groups have become irrelevant.

A recent division has come into light in  B-Town where actors, film-makers, producers and writers have come out openly to urge people to vote candidates on secular lines and pro-Modi lines respectively. Is it fair to use star power to propound political ideologies ? What is about Modi that make Bollywood take sides ?

The point is that both camps are singing in the tune of either Modi or Rahul, triggering debate and justifying that they are also a citizen of India and they have their own say which they have not been saying yet. War of words erupts between pro and anti Modi camps in Bollywood which has, needlessly, divided them on political lines.

Anti-Modi camp in B-Town has advocated for selecting secular candidates while pressing the EVM buttom. They also insisted that it is the need of the hour to protect our secular foundation.  What does one mean by secular foundation ? Why do they not have the guts to directly ask the electorate not to vote for Modi whom they believe to be a communal force ? They are playing dual characters having said to vote for secular candidates and same time remain silent on Modi.

The pro Modi camp, on the other hand, has openly praised for Modi and extended their support with full voice. They denied that the 2014 parliamentary election has divided India  on the ground of secularism which is not like bangles of glass. They also batted for Modi whom they consider the fittest person for the highest chair in the Parliament. It would be a testing time for Modi if he occupies the residence of 7, Race Course Road in New Delhi in May.

Modi on his last visit to the B-Town triggered debate by questioning appeasement brand of secular politics and recently he pitched for ‘toilet’ in preference to ‘temple’ when Mokhtar Naqvi said they will build Ram Mandir after coming to power although with all party consensus. Does it not indicate that Modi is shifting his stance from the previous line? Although one can argue that this is a election stunt and does not carry weight.

While the section of Bollywood stars which include Govinda Nehalani & Javed Akhtar pitch their voice against Modi, there are likes of Lata Mangeskar who endorsed Modi’s prime ministerial candidature. Apart from that, Big “B”, who is the brand ambassador of Gujarat, and Amir Khan has praised Modi for doing good work in Gujarat.

On May 16, India will know which of the two campaigns had the greater impact. In the aftermath of the final results history is likely to be written around the 2014 campaign. If Modi prevails, an entire hagiography is certain to be constructed on how one individual can reshape the mind of a huge nation. In the event of faltering, comparisons are likely to be drawn with the “Modi wave”  that it was a marketing hype that fell foul on ground realities.

Whatever the outcome, it is crucial to understand that good history cannot be written in retrospection. A proper documentation of the 2014 campaign could well reveal that anticipating the mind of India is more daunting than predicting the commercial prospects of a big budget Bollywood production. So be careful B-Town stars !  One should forget the politics of so-called secularism and must rise above it.

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Once aspiring writer, revisiting old passions after finally reaching the right side of sixty! A firm believer in Marxism and an atheist by choice!

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