The Modi-Wave and how it happened!

Narendra Modi

NaMo wave sweeping across the nation!

No matter where we are or where we go the Namo mantra is registering its presence everywhere. Very few politicians can design a campaign like Narendra Modi did. The NAMO Campaign has caught on a complete generation like some invincible forest fire. Before going any further with the subject, may I take this opportunity to mention that I am a very apolitical person. This article is all about a little research on the Modi-Wave and how he designed an awesome model of economic development that he is using in his campaign as a ready-made specimen to woo his voters.

So when Modi talks about creating jobs in labour intensive manufacturing, entrepreneurs hope that the leader of Indian opposition means business. History says that the 63 years old and very popular prime ministerial candidate has tricks in his pocket to curb unemployment and create a fertile terrain for industries to perform. As expectations from Modi soar high let us take a look at the model of economic development he follows which created a major hype in his favour despite of many hush-hush controversies that his name was involved with.

His proponents highlight that Modi’s economic success as the Chief Minister of Gujarat for over a decade attributed a lot to his election campaign as a prime ministerial candidate. The state boasts one of the highest rate of growth in India. So what is it exactly that created this Modi-Wave across the country. Here is what we found from our research:

The Modi Model

As already mentioned earlier, the economic model which Modi emancipated in Gujarat garnered huge recognition from all over the world. It was only a matter of few years before Modi could lead the state from Rs 3000 crore industrial turnover into a whopping Rs 40,000 crore turnover per annum. Hence, with Gujarat as India’s dragon state and its annual economic growth at 10.5%, there are a bundle of projectiles, which are working hugely in favour of BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. Certainly Modi is in a full swing to give wings to his PM ambitions. In a recent research report published by US Investment Bank Goldman Sachs, it was revealed that if Indian states could amp-up their respective manufacturing employment to levels achieved in Gujarat, India could create no less than 40 million jobs in the next decade.

“Modi’s model of economic development” comes along with a fair share of criticism as well. Sceptics to his theory suggest that Modi vaunted a model which promotes capital intensive industries, thus it was developed only to create better jobs. Well Asia is not an easy continent to live in and India is certainly not an easy country to deal with. It needs to create no less than 12 million jobs each year to absorb the growing workforce. The stakes are too high to be achieved. This is where Modi’s concept yet again ransacked the expectation level of common citizens in India. Modi has his targets set on multi millionaire groups like Dhingra who could create huge employment opportunities to lessen the void between employment and unemployment. Dhingra at present has 4000 workers working at his factory in Gurgaon alone.

The Gujarat Factor

Modi and Tata

Narendra Modi invited Tata over to launch Nano!

Narendra Modi’s stars are in his favour and they worked unfathomably to ensure that he could enslave his fortunes. Gujarat is a blessed place to be in India. It simply needed a master who could capitalize on its resources optimally, and in Modi the state found its economic Guru. It has a sprawling coastline that stretches over 1600 km. The state is located in the intersection of the Silk and Spice routes and Modi’s boulevard travelled all the way to register success with every milestone he surpassed.

Modi is an unabashed liberaliser! Many of his policies like port privatisation policy was attacked by stalwarts in Indian politics. But he is a tough soul to succumb to any bureaucratic pressure. He is remembered to have remarked that ‘the people of Gujarat are very enterprising and they want minimum government’. Rising from the ashes of earthquake which struck Gujarat in the year 2000, the state leveraged its huge reserves of minerals and arid Kutch was able to attract cement, steel, power and chemical industry, all thanks to the keen observation and the master plan drawn by Narendra Modi. Today the state is renowned across the globe as a global hub for pipeline manufacture. Water from Narmada river is supplied to major parts of the state as drinking water through a pipeline. Tata Nano has its factory set up in Gujarat after all the high octave political drama in West Bengal. Vigorous check in dams, huge investments in tribal development programs and many more fetched Modi the power similar to a magic wand and a specimen of development which he required to fuel his campaign for Lok Sabha elections with.

With Gujarat emerging as one of the most prosperous states in India, today Narendra Modi has what most of other candidates don’t.

E-Governance and Digitalization

Modi may be 63 years old but his ideas and approach are beyond his age. Mr. Narendra Modi is totally an internet savvy person. He is one of the very few Indian politicians to have understood the power of the digital world and given the kind of person Modi is he never lets go any potential resource that is in front of him. Modi made use of the online world like none I must say. It’s not only about how he spread the “Namo” message over the internet to consolidate the Youngistaan but he introduced digitalization in his governance as well.

Narendra Modi is one of the greatest supporters of digitizing every work related to government. He didn’t deter away from making heavy use of technology to reduce corruption in his state. His administration was successful to digitize a large part of the procurement process, thus he empowered both individuals and companies to bid online. Can you believe, every village in Gujarat has internet connectivity. His efforts brought transparency to government contracts. All basic services like birth and death certificates, income certificates and applications to the government schemes and tax payments options are available online.

From reorganizing the electricity board to taking steps to curb electricity theft, Modi government achieved an incomprehensible development for Gujarat and today this model stands as a specimen to what Sri Narendra Modi is capable of and what he could achieve for his country. All this and more are driving the campaign stride to his favour.

What is left to be seen is what happens in the finale and who wins the ultimate title of Prime Minister in the greatest democracy of the world. Here’s hoping for the best man to win.

P.S: This article is simply based on observations and it has no political connotation in favour of anybody whatsoever.

Crazy writer, Wacked Out reader & a Stumped observer! Call me a Film maniac or a Mythology enthusiast, a GK monger or an Economics gazer, I am one girl/woman who suffers from chronic attack of optimism and is the owner of a voice which is pretty loud and opinionated.

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