Movie Review Highway: Patakha Guddi Ho!!

“Ghar ke baahar jao,toh careful rehna, ghar ke baahar,bahut burrey log hotey hai,larki ko hamesha careful rehna chahiye…”

“toh yeh kyun nahi kaha,ke ghar ke andar bhi careful rehna hai,aap logo se bhi bachke rehna hai?”

When Veera cries this out, you are sure about one thing atleast – you’re watching this movie again, hell yeah!

9ew468d57jzqp8gd.D.0.Alia-Bhatt-Highway-Movie-Patakha-Guddi-Song-PhotoHighway,is the road to freedom. Freedom from all the wreck and havoc of being ‘rich’ and ‘powerful’, ‘satisfied’ yet ‘doubtful’, ‘free’ but ‘harmful’.

It’s one of those exceptional pieces of sheer awesomeness on screen, where you can point out the flaws and simultaneously say ‘ who cares?’ Yes, no complains, with ‘why Maahi allows Veera beside the driver with all the risks’ or ‘why the lively Veera and her mother lets that uncle ‘love’ her even when she’s about to get married,despite having ‘connections’ with the government.’

Alia Bhatt, the only person who can outrun the Parineeta Chopra at the moment,is excellently spectacular. From the moment where she wishes to elope with her fiancé at night, or when she breathes fresh air outside the truck after days of being abducted; she is the soul of the screen.

“Jaise koi film chal rahi hai,koi control nahi hai, Muh apne aap khul raha hai..”

She, herself, is the justification of the script where Imtiaz Ali tries to convey how the terror of abduction turns to willingness of freedom. How she feels like being safe and comfortable at home,sitting behind the truck,travelling through places that are designed by God himself.

There’ve been many  ‘girls-going-head-over-heels-for-the-kidnapper’ stories before and Highway is nothing like them. It’s just about the journey towards happiness; untasted,vulnerable. Veera,afraid initially,feels safest with her abductor later. And we never know how ‘safety’  somehow transforms to ‘obsession.’  Doesn’t matter how, it just does, and we’re all in love with Maahi,as if Veera forces us to!

Alia gave a matured performance!

Alia gave a matured performance!

Randeep Hooda, the other sparkling soul of the film, gave his best! ‘Yeh  sauda hai,laundiya na hai!’ are his words to the man who tries to take advantage of the hostage! The same hostage, who holds him when he’s crying for his ‘amma’ later in the film. He’s a success in every emotion he deals with be it anger, responsibility,fear,grief, what not !

A.R Rahman and Anil Mehta are the sugar cubes in this cup of tea, applied in marvelous proportion,to create the real ‘magic.’ The snow capped Himalayas, hide-and-seek of the sun, the Beas of dusk, the pines at the dawn, with ‘Jugni ho! Patakha Guddi ho’ deserve not one, but all the cookies in the jar!

Imtiaz Ali didn’t give his best , but yet was amazing. What went terribly wrong with his last release ‘Rockstar’, came as the BEST decision in Highway. Alia Bhatt, Randeep Hooda,Rahman,Anil Mehta make one of the best packages of 2014 ! If only, he could do the ‘ logical reasoning’ a little more!

Many had gone ‘what-the-hell’ while many had loved the ending. But its an honest advice, don’t go by reviews, rather grab a seat in the theatre and experience it yourself! No matter what your Travel magazine has to say, you yourself know best, how the hill tastes actually!

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