David Moyes was the wrongly chosen one!

Moyes has been sacked!

The wrongly Chosen one?

The news of David Moyes being sacked has inspired little dismay and generated mass relief, expectedly so, among the fans of Manchester United. Such has been the nature of his tenure as United boss that he has humbled Sir Alex Ferguson and his judgement, almost forcing the club’s hand into firing him. For all the thinking that went behind appointing him as Ferguson’s successor, or the lack of it, and the confidence showered which was glaringly evident in the length of his contract term, Sir Alex and the board would be left to contemplate over the rationale behind gifting the job to Moyes ahead of distinguished candidates like Jose Mourinho .

Sir Alex’s perspective on football managers and their employers’ frivolous nature on deciding their future has always been one and constant. The wily Scot has always been supportive of his fellow managers and strongly critical of the owners for demanding hasty results having witnessed several of them shown the door unceremoniously while he just stood there, defying time. Ironically, he finds himself in the midst of the sacking of a manager whom he had publicly endorsed as the best man to take Manchester United forward. For once, however, the fans would be relieved to see him make an uncharacteristically major climb-down probably at the behest of the Glazers who cannot risk themselves and the club become any more debt-ridden.

Indeed, Moyes is as guilty as charged; from appearing embarrassingly overwhelmed to being alarmingly uninspiring, from losing the dressing room to amateur press dealings, from breaking records to being tactically regressive, Moyes never looked like someone who could change his misfortunes with time.

Manchester United board and Sir Alex Ferguson will be faced with the daunting task of replacing Moyes before the next season kicks off. Not that daunting if you purely consider the accomplishments that Moyes has next to his name; on the contrary, the error in judgement on the club’s part to have appointed him in the first place will only throw more caution to the wind around Old Trafford. Ferguson has been proved wrong; loyalty and careful spending should not have decided the next Manchester United manager. Sadly enough for Moyes and United, this has not worked to either’s advantage, while the club kept plummeting, so did their manager’s reputation and chances of resurrecting either of them.

Fergie must have already realized he goofed up; with United staring down with a sense of uncertainty slowly enveloping them, the Scot’s anointed one ensured that the task of succeeding Sir Alex is made to look even more difficult than it actually is. Jose, with the money that the club did spend this season, could have attracted someone who could have made a more significant impact on the club’s season than what Marouane Fellaini has, and ever will. United have been left threadbare; to see the club try such a meek adaptation of the tiki-taka against Everton at Old Trafford with lesser imagination than a Sam Allardyce team was a punishment the fans din’t deserve. This could very well have been avoided with Moyes still being at Everton and someone else, whom the club will appoint sooner than later, by the United dugout.

There have been quite a few names that have been doing the rounds but the news surrounding Louis Van Gaal seemed to have picked up some wind. At the age of 62, Van Gaal is not the sort of replacement you would have expected the club to bring but with European football ruled out for a minimum of 15 months, it is pretty evident that nobody at the club is looking that far ahead. There are similarities between him and Ferguson, both are dominant and do not shy away from taking their players’ to task if need be. And which, indeed, is the need of the hour; amidst all the noise surrounding Moyes and his sacking, most people have forgotten as to how the team has been all this season – very much un-United!


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